3D Customization Innovations by BRIKL

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3D Customization Innovations by BRIKL



BRIKL supports the full journey, from design to order, checkout and payment. This is what we call our “3D Ecommerce” and “3D Lead Generation” solutions.

Sales Conversions and Lead Generation

  • 3D Ecommerce allows customers to add custom products that they have designed to their cart, and to checkout and pay for the order online.
  • 3D Lead Generation allows customers to submit a request of the design they have created, and for the business to review the request, update the design, and submit a payment link back to the customer.


BRIKL allows businesses to collaborate online with their customers to create a design.

3D Lead Generation is one example of collaboration. When a customer completes a design and submits a request, the business can review, make adjustments and send back a link of the design to the customer.

Another example of collaboration is the 3D Viewer application. When the business renders a 2D design (that they have created with e.g. Illustrator) into a beautiful 3D rendering in BRIKL,  they can  generate and share a link with the customer. The customer can open the link in the browser of their choice and can interact with the 3D design by rotating and zooming in on it.

Ease of use

With BRIKL no technical knowledge or coding is required. You do not need to know or understand the basics of PHP or SVG coding. BRIKL’s configuration management tool allows you to manage everything with a simple drag and drop, and a few clicks to get the configuration you need.


A configurator theme dictates the look and feel of your configurator, like font types, sizes, color scheme, icons and layout. The theme defines your brand and helps to reflect your identity. BRIKL is the first online configurator that makes themes available and that allows themes to be customized.

Studio Editor

One of the goals of BRIKL was to build an out-of-the box solution. The Studio Editor is one of the key features that makes this happen. The Editor allows you to set-up the configurator in a modular way. You can define which customization options you want to make available for your configurator on a product level, without the help of experienced software developers.


BRIKL automates the web-to-print (i.e. the design-to-manufacturing) process. Our software can reduce the design time by 70% and production time by 20%. 3D Designs that are created and submitted by customers can be converted into print ready 2D pattern files. BRIKL is the on-demand production software solution you have been looking for.


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