5 Reasons Why Branded Team Apparel is Good For Business

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Creating custom apparel can help increase brand awareness and present critical promotional opportunities. If you’re considering custom apparel for your business, properly organizing your operations is your most common challenge.

Reap the benefits of branded clothing by driving sales while decreasing unwanted expenditure from waste and repetitive manual work for your employees (a hidden cost to most custom businesses!).

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry; that’s what we’re here for.

At Brikl, we’ve done hands-on research to create the best platform for your company’s branded apparel. All so you can skip straight to the sales part.


So enough with elongation and more elaboration; Let's get down to business.

Cost-effective Marketing

Using branded clothing can extend your marketing strategy with walking billboards! Throw a website link on the back of your company polos, and you have a brand ambassador who can put your company in front of the right people. 

Having a few different clothing options can give employees a way to express their unique style while maintaining a professional manner. 

Custom clothing brings an internal sense of unity not only to the employees of a company but to customers and potential clients as well. Walk into any reputable restaurant and expect to be greeted by a host or hostess, with their neatly tailored uniform shining like a beacon of light to the hungry traveler.

The image of your company will be branded not only on the clothing but on the minds of each and every customer that has an experience with your business.

Everyone enjoys a sense of belonging.

Brand Recognition

The Dallas cowboys

Dubbed ‘America’s Team,’ this company runs a brand value of $757M. You can go anywhere across the country, show a picture of a simple blue star, and people will associate that star with the Dallas Cowboys. They haven’t won a Super Bowl since 1996, yet millions of people purchase new shirts, hats, and jerseys every year.
What brings together all of these walks of life under the blue starred logo?

Loyalty. In a market that promotes constant competition, the Cowboys have successfully created a culture that unifies customers and employees alike under a banner of hope. No matter how many times I’ve watched them come up short in the game, I’ve yet to see their brand lose its store revenue. If anything, more people are wearing their promotional gear today than ever before.



Far from a sports team, McDonald’s is one of the most well-known fast-food joints in the world. You can take a rock almost anywhere in the world, throw it in any direction, and you’ll more than likely bounce it off someone who recognizes their famous ‘Golden Arches’ (disclaimer: this is just an illustrative viewpoint, we don’t recommend this).

They are just one of many examples of how simplicity can be the most effective marketing strategy. From fry socks to a simple smiley fanny pack, this company’s branding has made its effective mark on the world.

Loyalty and Retention

A loyal customer can come from the positive experience accompanying a corporate team in uniform. It conditions customers and consumers and helps create associations between your company’s services, brand logo, and employees.

The loyalty you can gain through cheerful familiarity is key. “We’re all in this together” can be a powerful motivator for success. When the team looks more like family than cogs in a machine, it brings forth humanity’s overwhelming (and often overlooked) spirit.

Whether you give away a free shirt or hat to potential customers or provide products and services with a smile delivered by an employee in branded apparel, the loyalty you can gain through these associations is key.


Trust and Credibility


Branded apparel can help connect companies and clients with a business’ brand (aka, it spreads brand awareness).

Nobody likes poorly made clothing.


In an age of technology, where it is increasingly attractive to start up your own business, establishing legitimacy is the way to set yourself apart—having a company website for your staff to purchase anything from custom uniforms and clothing to a cute coffee cup can bring a smile to your office employees.


 Now, when you’re thinking of your personalized products, I’m sure you want the quality to display nothing but the stand-out prowess that inspired this creation. That’s why it’s essential not to cut corners with your company store.

It can be very disheartening for a team member to receive company merchandise, only to have the logo fade quickly or have sizing issues.

It can add a revenue stream to your business.

That brings us to the bottom line—a new avenue for sales. Company shops, corporate pop-ups, etc., are a good way of selling branded apparel to internal staff (perhaps with an employee discount code) and even setting a connecting route for promotional events!

So, Why Brikl?

How does Brikl help make custom apparel easier to create?

Time-saving tech

When setting up personal websites, the world has come a long way since the days of Myspace’s personalized “coding” feature. Setting up MicroStores, company websites (you name it) has become a bit intricate to the everyday Joe and Jane. It can take 50-60 hours to create a branched special event store to be cloned over with your selected products from the home site.

That being said, all companies will be thinking the same way. “How do I save time while increasing the products and services accessibility?

Set up shop and start selling in 15 minutes or less with Brikl's MicroStore technology.

With Brikl, we don’t start making money until you do. Our company has carefully created a system that works quickly and efficiently.




How can Brikl give you the edge?

Giving your employees a branded experience shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why Brikl technology allows you to set up shop in 15 minutes and start selling quicker!

  • Switch between local currencies and languages to provide a localized experience for employees and customers worldwide.
  • Our simple drag-and-drop placeholder and design software allow you to bulk embellish your custom logo across products and variants instead of applying them one by one.
  • Collate, organize and manage all your orders on Brikl’s backend and give your team access so everyone can stay on the same page. Different access levels can even be assigned so you can distribute certain discretionary privileges to managers, accountants, or whoever you please. 
  • Use leading-edge payment integrations like Stripe and your Brikl account to get paid instantly.

Toting a whopping 400 hours saved a year per employee, it just makes sense. Speaking of cents, on average, our merchants see a 150% increase in sales during their first year (that’s more than just a pretty penny).

We can go on and on about how many time-saving features our tech has or the lucrative opportunities our company provides. Just as the market is ever-expanding, our efforts to further develop new aspects for our merchants are just as ambitious.

Book a free demo! We’ll show you how to set up a branded corporate store in 15 minutes and discover the endless possibilities for your branded apparel firsthand.


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