A Day in The Life Of A Head Of Product Management: Opal

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Back in 2019, Opal’s view from her window was entirely different. She’d taken a chance on a new life in Australia, obtained a work and holiday visa, and traded the daily clamor of Bangkok for the calm of an art studio in Sydney. 


“From day one, I’d fallen in love with the country,” Opal smiles. “Every day, I thought, “Yes! I teach art and make people happy”. It has been my dream job since I was young, which is why I loved my life there very much”. 


But the world stood still a year and a half after Opal started the journey of a lifetime. 


When COVID struck, she lost her job and had to return to Thailand. “I had some financial and psychological difficulties,” Opal remembers. “My life had to restart from zero.” Sadly, her story wasn’t uncommon. 


But hope is a stubborn catalyst.

New Beginnings

Once you’ve experienced professional happiness, you crave its equivalent everywhere. This feeling can’t be supplemented by salary and benefits. “When I applied to Brikl, it was a small startup back then. But the culture was exactly what I was looking for; it was and remains a fun and rewarding workplace, with the flexibility I needed to balance wellness with my love of seeing the team.” Opal recalls.


“The spirit of Brikl resonated with me; I am passionate about people development. I believe everyone has the potential to learn, grow and express themselves in any form”.

- Opal


“What I value the most in a company is that they believe in their people. They make sure that everyone’s voice is heard and considered. A good business cannot be run without good teams and good people. Brikl develops its people and ensures everyone is supported with everything they ask for. I have grown so much as a person and a professional since I joined. It is because of the support and belief that I’ve thrived”.


The Power Of Values


It’s no secret that Opal is an internal cheerleader, a culture evangelist, and a cross-departmental collaborator. By her own admission, what spurs her on is the knowledge that Brikl is not perfect but has a powerful team spirit.


“I could not think of anywhere else with such amazing people, and I am constantly honored to have a chance to work with them and call them my team. I value their growth and always give my best effort to ensure my teams are confidently moving forward in their roles. As I said, everyone has the potential to learn, make mistakes, and grow. We, as a team, have come so far since I started working at Brikl. I’m so proud of them!”




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