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A Day in The Life of An Account Manager: Aimee

Taling Chan, one of Bangkok’s 50 districts, is home to canal-front coffeehouses, puppet theatres that take their influence from Thai sagas, and Taling Chan Floating Market – its crowning glory. Once you’ve had your fill of grilled fish, baked bananas, and pancakes, a boat ride through the Klongs will allow you to experience the bustle of the city from the sanctuary of the water.



It’s in Taling Chan, around 35km away from Brikl’s Bangkok office, where Monthita ‘Aimee’ Simuang lives. As the company operates a hybrid working culture, Aimee has to drive into the office on unpredictable roads. “Life in BKK is kind of confusing,” she comments. “It can either be really busy or totally peaceful. But Aimee loves the dynamic energy of Bangkok. Its vibrancy, illuminations, and almost endless levels of activity can be overwhelming for some, but Aimee’s eye searches for the arts and culture hidden between the neon lines.


Choosing to work at Brikl was a logical choice for Aimee and one she made over a year ago. She’d always been drawn to a sense of coziness, community, and authentic collaboration. Having graduated Silpakorn University with a degree in archaeology, Aimee also had a deeply analytical mind that sought out solutions buried just under the surface of every problem. It was her love of people and unearthing answers that made account management an organic career choice.

“I talk to a lot of people daily,” Aimee laughs. “As well as communicating with Brikl merchants, I speak to the Quality Assurance (QA) and Support Team, then attend timeline and product roadmap meetings with Product Managers to get holistic insight and follow up on tickets or issues”.

Account Manager Aimee


“What motivates me most are passionate people. Energy is infectious, and when people both inside and outside the company are fired up, that energy becomes fuel in my engine. I tend to stay close to people who are positive in my professional and personal life.”

But Aimee would be the first to admit that being an account manager at Brikl doesn’t come without its challenges. “You need to know Brikl technology inside out. And not just know it but also have the ability to explain it to people who may not be technology-minded and have the capacity and patience to coach others. But again, this boils down to commitment and passion. If you bring all of this and problem-solving skills to the table, you’re bringing your A-game!”. 

Watch Aimee’s video now to find out more about a day in the life of an account manager.


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