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Bodibro Brand Spotlight



There’s no greater endorsement of sportswear than kit designed and supplied by athletes. Founded by Ben Brosnan and Joey Wadding, two Gaelic footballers from County Wexford, their brand Bodibro is one of Ireland’s largest sportswear suppliers to GAA clubs, soccer clubs, and colleges in Ireland.

The Bodibro brand started with Ben’s ambition to create customized compression gear for sports clubs. Being an athlete himself with years of experience on the field, Ben knew exactly what every sports player needed on and off the field to perform at their best, from half zips to personalized club socks.

He also wanted to create a unique name to highlight the idea of the compression gear being close to the body. The ‘Bodi’ part of Bodibro is derived from the gear being close to the body. The ‘Bro’ part of Bodibro is taken from the name ‘Brosnan’, which is Ben’s surname.


Ben felt it was important to incorporate his family name to underline the importance of Bodibro to his family and shine a spotlight on how the business would not have been possible without help from his family from inception to execution.

Since it was established in 2013, Bodibro has continued to spread across the country and the world, using sport and societal trends and providing exceptional customer service to spur its growth onward. As a Brikl merchant, Bodibro is now backing its ambitious vision with the technology to match.

“The Brikl platform has been exceptional. It’s sped up the time it takes to process orders hugely, assisted us with the organisation of our orders and enhanced the visual effect of each team’s team store. We couldn’t be happier”.

– Hayley Murphy, Admin and Marketing, Bodibro. 

Using Brikl’s platform has allowed Bodibro to save 50-70% of the time on average they’d spend processing team orders, which can now be spend on growing their business instead. 

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