Brikl’s Funding Will Power The Next Stage in Its Hypergrowth

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Brikl’s Funding Will Power The Next Stage in Its Hypergrowth

We’re proud to announce our funding from Saffelberg Investments. This additional capital will help us add substantial headcount across the organization, accelerate innovation, research, and development across our platform, and enhance our supplier integrations and network.

MicroStores: Smart Selling

Back in 2016, Brikl’s founders, Maarten Boone, Tobias Meixner, and Jason Reinhardt, realized they could make the lives of custom and promotional business owners easier. These business owners were frustrated and weighed down by the cost and management required to make their aspirations a reality. But they were committed to their dreams. So Brikl committed itself to them.

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With 75 years combined first-hand experience in the custom, promotional, and tech industry, Brikl’s leadership team knows the intricacies of the effort, cost, and continual challenges involved in the design and selling process.

Brikl’s intelligent MicroStore technology has been specifically designed to counter and reconcile these challenges through next-generation features such as rapid 15-minute store setup, dynamic inventory and store management, product embellishments and branding, and intuitive one-click reporting. This leading-edge innovation saves suppliers, custom, and promotional businesses up to 40 hours per week per employee. It also boosts revenue exponentially, with an average 150% increase in sales in the first year of using the platform.

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Combining Customer Experience With Future-proofed e-Commerce

Brikl excels in combining next-generation technology with personalized experiences for its merchants and its merchants’ customers. The pandemic has forever changed the way we live and shop. But with digital channels now at the forefront, customer expectations are also evolving:

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  • Over 80% of consumers are more likely to purchase a brand that provides personalized experiences.
  • Buyers are more likely to spend 26% more when a purchase includes charitable donations.
  • Over 70% of US consumers abandon their cart at checkout. Allowing customers to pay in local currencies can reduce this number by up to 50%.

Brikl’s MicroStore technology provides a highly personalized, localized, and customizable experience for merchants and their customers with the aim of safeguarding and growing sales well into the future. Its design tools’ simple point-and-click, drag-and-drop interface allows custom designs to be enhanced using powerful functionalities such as placeholder elements to customize products quickly.

customizationIt’s our keen focus on historical industry challenges, future market opportunities, and a burgeoning network of suppliers that allows us to deliver cutting-edge functionalities that continue to power our growth.

As our CEO and Co-Founder, Maarten Boone, puts it, “”We have been preparing and building our foundation for hypergrowth for a while. We have built and continue to build strategic alliances that put our clients and us in a position to quickly capture a substantial amount of market share. We couldn’t be more excited about what’s to come.”

Saffelberg investment

“The velocity at which Brikl’s MicroStore platform has been adopted is outstanding. It’s the critical infrastructure that is already powering many custom and promotional businesses,” said Jos Sluys, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Saffelberg Investments. “We’re a proud backer of Brikl and excited to support its move from start-up to scale-up journey as the company continues to innovate and expand.”

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