Feature overview

Brikl’s market-leading suite of features has been created especially for the custom sportswear and promotional products industry. Drive sales and efficiencies to new heights with all the right tools for the job.

Platform Overview

Unlimited products

Unlimited users

Unlimited MicroStores


Add product

Import product from supplier

Add product details

Assign product options

Add variants and pricing table

Manage product images

Assign collection

Assign MicroStore

Add product personalization

Assign attribute

Add product package

Add product package details

Manage product package images

Add product package price

Assign products

Assign collection

Assign MicroStore

Add product package personalization


Add product options

Add product option values

Add attributes


Upload 3D models

Upload materials

Add color palettes

Upload 2D pattern designs

Render 2D designs in 3D

Manage light settings

Download 3D rendering as an image or GIF


Add placeholders

Edit placeholders

Bulk upload embellishments

Adjust multiple embellishments

Adjust multiple colorways


Add MicroStore

Add MicroStore template

Search/sort/filter MicroStores

Assign product for duplication

Duplicate collections

Duplicate discount settings

Duplicate fundraising settings

Duplicate fees settings

Duplicate personalization settings

Add MicroStore details

Search and assign product

Override assigned product details

Search and assign product packages

Search and assign a collection

Set MicroStores to private or public

Set password

Set open and close cycles/dates

Select header color

Add MicroStore logo

Add and customize MicroStore banners

Add content to the MicroStore homepage

Add content to the MicroStore cart page

Add content to the MicroStore checkout page

Assign custom theme

Add MicroStore product personalization

Add text or number personalization

Select single or multiple personalization options

Add duplication warning

Assign custom theme

Add MicroStore product personalization

Add fundraising

Set fundraising on cart or cart item level

Schedule fundraising

Select fundraising type – fixed or %

Make fundraising visible or invisible

Assign fundraising to all or some products

Add fees

Set fee on cart or cart item level

Schedule fee

Select fee type – fixed or %

Make fee visible or invisible

Assign fees to all or some products

Select default payment method

Assign specific payment method

Select default shipping method

Override shipping methods

Create live links

View order summary

View sales report summary

View product summary

View fundraising summary

Select default contact email

Override contact email


View order details

Bulk download order invoices

Refund an order (full or partial)

Edit customer orders – Product options

Edit customer orders – Shipping address

Edit customer orders – Change order status

Edit customer orders – Change shipment status

Edit customer orders – Add a comment

Content Builder

Add content pages

Search content pages

Menu builder

Add new menu


Download standard reports

Create custom reports

Download custom reports


Add promotions

Add coupons

Gift certificates


Add fundraising

Add fees

User Management

Add sales reps

Add account

Assign sales reps to MicroStores

Assign sales reps to account

Account Settings

Add favicon

Add company logo

Add business address

Select currency

Set default currency

Select language

Set default language

Add email for orders

Add email for contact forms

Select destination

Set multiple flat shipping rates

Set shipping rate by weight

Connect with Stripe

Select online payment method

Brikl Integrations

Make powerful connections. Brikl’s integrations allow you to connect to new and existing systems to turbocharge your productivity

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