Brikl’s Monthly Wrap Up (June 2023)

We're having a bit of a growth spurt...

Oject Expressions

New client alert

Objet Expression is a French company that provides services to various accounts throughout France, catering to both large and small businesses.


Its partnership with Brikl marks an important milestone for Objet Expression as it signifies its entry into the heady world of e-commerce!


Brikl will serve as its first e-commerce platform, enabling Objet Expression to expand its reach and offer its products and services online. 


To ensure seamless integration between their e-commerce platform and their existing business processes, Objet Expression will integrate Brikl with their ERP system, Sellsy. This integration will streamline operations, improve efficiency, and enable better inventory, orders, and customer data management.

New client alert

Branded Solutions is a small-medium-sized distributor-decorator in Minnesota, USA. They service regional companies and teams with team stores.


As a result of their new agreement with Brikl, they will be migrating their 30-40 stores over to Brikl’s platform from InkSoft!


The brand’s highly-motivated sales-driven owner hopes to have 60-80 stores active with Brikl by the end of the year and requires no integrations.

New client alert

Fully Promoted is a well-established franchise group that operates in the promotional products and marketing services industry. As a small to medium-sized distributor within the Fully Promoted franchise group, this particular company plays a crucial role in distributing products and services to its customers.


By partnering with the distributor within the Fully Promoted franchise group, Brikl aims to leverage their existing network and reach a broader customer base. The successful launch of the team wear and fan wear store will serve as a testament to the capabilities of Brikl’s technology, attracting more businesses within Fully Promoted to adopt the platform for their own customized product needs.


Together, this partnership aims to provide businesses within the Fully Promoted network with advanced customization and e-commerce solutions, enabling them to offer unique and personalized products to their customers while streamlining their operational processes.


New client of the month

LC Marketing is a small distributor primarily serving local companies and teams. They operate in a specific geographic area and have established relationships with various regional businesses.


They have identified an opportunity to expand their services by offering a customer store, allowing their clients to easily browse and purchase products online.


By partnering with Brikl, LC Marketing can leverage our technology and expertise to create a robust and user-friendly customer store for their clients.

Additionally, the owner’s brother, who owns a similar company, will also be signing up with Brikl. This suggests that LC Marketing’s partnership may have the potential for further growth and expansion. 

BKK walkthrough with Ella!

As you sit at your desk in your PJs with hair like Mufasa from The Lion King, you might think, “Wait a minute, isn’t remote work all the rage these days?”


You’re absolutely right! And a bit wrong, as you can see from Ella’s video walkthrough. 


Now, don’t get us wrong. We love working remotely, and the flexibility it offers is fantastic. But there’s something undeniably cool about working in an office that allows for face-to-face interactions, fostering collaboration and teamwork.


It’s easier to bounce ideas off colleagues, engage in spontaneous brainstorming sessions, and build a strong sense of camaraderie. The energy and synergy that come from working together in person can lead to enhanced creativity and problem-solving. And what better office to do it in than THIS one. 

Update from tech team

From speeding up apps with cache invalidation to design system documentation improvements, we’ve got the lowdown from the tech team. And trust us when we say that there are some exciting things in the pipeline!

Employee Personal Milestone

Ariella and her martial arts competition win.

I’ve been practicing Martial Arts for six years now, and it’s become a big part of my life. Alongside Brazillian Jiujitsu, I’ve studied grappling (NoGi), Capoeira, Boxing, and Muay Thai (to different degrees!) for six years.


My love for Muay Thai was a key factor in my decision to relocate to Thailand 3 years ago; I came to Thailand for a short project contract to work here for a few months while I trained, then COVID hit! I fell in love with the country and people while I was here and have been in Thailand since.


I’d always wanted to try Brazillian Jiujitsu but found it a little intimidating as it is a peculiar sport. I finally started just over a year ago. It took a few months to get comfortable because it’s very close contact, and you will often use your legs to hold your opponent in a position. It was so awkward at first!


We like to joke when we train that BJJ is ‘full contact cuddling,’ ‘involuntary yoga,’ or my personal favourite nickname: ‘The gentle art of folding clothes while people are still in them.’ It’s about the only contact sport where you can win while upside down on the ground!


The championship took place over the last weekend in May. For the last three months, I’ve only trained in JiuJitsu and grappling. Training has been up to 10 times a week, and I even needed a notebook with plans and strategies for the match as BJJ is very technical: there can be more than 20 steps in a particular move!


There were a couple of matches, but you can see the second and third-place participants in the photo. In third place was an American lady who had come to Phuket (in the South of Thailand to train), and in second was a Russian lady who had moved to Thailand last year.


My match with the second-place winner was difficult; we were tied for points and went to overtime, but I caught her in the overtime by knee-sliding out of her attack and taking the mount, which gave me the points needed to win!

I hope to compete again in August to target my Blue Belt. Maybe after this, I would love to take a trip to Japan to learn some Bojutsu, or the Philippines to learn Eskrima.


Mega congratulations to our superstar, Ella! 

Inside the Hive: Employee News

Acknowledge, appreciate, and give someone a boost. Our employee recognition is an easy way to say, “thank you”.

Kudos to Thiha. He has been an amazing team player, contributing lots of positive ideas and working hard to help his team deliver! Thank you Thiha!
- Ella
Kudos to Panchanit! Great PM, very detailed.
- Andrejs (Andy)
Kudos to Meryem. She is the most compassionate and kind person I've ever known. I enjoy every moment working with her <3
- Cheyu
Kudos to Andew! He did an amazing job with one of our latest projects, it wasn't just him of course but was a huge help. Andrew started out without knowing a ton about the Frontend but he managed to learn quickly without any complaints and excelled at his job! He's also extremely positive and really is fantastic co-worker.
- Will
Kudos to Poom and Chad for always helping everyone if needed.
- Jensitat (Aof)
Kudos to Will and Mek for their awesome works.
- Bill
Mery is the single kindest person I've ever met. She brightens every day with her positive energy and can-do attitude; she's a pleasure to work alongside. Thanks for being you, Mery!
- Suz
Kudos to Nuttapol for his awesome works and being up to date with e2e state. Another kudos to Sumonman for taking care about QAA side well. And Kudos to Suthida for being the expert in any Thai bureaucracy question.
- Andrejs (Andy)
Kudos to Nuttapol. He is supportive, full of leadership skill, take ownership on his task at the same time always willing to support the team to work better.
- Sumonman (Pear)
Kudos to Mark! Mark from the BKK office is always there to lend a helping hand whenever we need assistance. He is consistently patient with my questions, despite occasional delays
- Meryem
Kudos to Panchanit and Pamela! They both have good understanding and knowledge on how the platform working, able to deliver good communication, suggestion, improvement to the team.
- Sumonman (Pear)
Kudos to Nuttapol as he always supports the team!
- Poweres
Kudos to Panchanit (KP). KP is a great source of information when it comes to new features and always brings positive energy to the table
- Suz
Kudos to Nuttapol for his awesome works and being up to date with e2e state. Another kudos to Sumonman for taking care about QAA side well. And Kudos to Suthida for being the expert in any Thai bureaucracy question.
- Andrejs (Andy)
Kudos to Cheyu from the EU office as she is an exceptionally understanding individual and excels in her role as a graphic designer. She consistently provides excellent feedback and is always open to discussing ideas even when there's technical restrictions.
- Meryem
Give kudos to Rachata for helping with a lot of bugs investigation and always come with the good. And give kudos on his research on Frontend improvement tasks.
- Nuttapon
Suz is the best manager I've ever had. There were ups and downs happened in the past months, however, she has always been very supportive and encouraging throughout the time.
- Cheyu
Kudos to Pear. She is one of the best leaders and a dedicated person. She brings a great move to QA team. Another Kudos to Poweres (Arm). He is a talented person on the QAE team. He is one of the QAE superstars 😀
- Nuttapon
Kudos to Pamela. She is an utter trooper and works tirelessly to make Brikl a company people want to work with. She's the true face of the brand.
- Suz
Kudos to Pamela. Transitioned into a new role with a new team and is delivering a huge amount of work.
- Dan
Kudos to Cheyu. She embodies team spirit and always pitches in to help everyone out, inside and outside of the team. There's no task that's too big or too small for her, and the results are always nothing short of stunning. Thank you, Chey, for all your hard work and general awesomeness!
- Suz


To make managing your store even easier, we’ve created a feature to automatically open and close your MicroStore. Simply set the times, start and end dates in the backend, and your store will automatically open and close accordingly.


You can also easily schedule multiple cycles for your store, ensuring effortless deployment in the future.


You can find these settings in Dashboard > Microstore > Availability tab.



Read more




​​This update allows multiple orders to be selected at once, as well as payment and shipment status information in bulk.


  • We’ve introduced an improved UI with color-coded statuses.
  • The newly implemented action bar allows you to select and update the payment status, shipment status or export a document for the order.


You can now customize a non-transactional payment method in your purchase order stores, e.g., via payroll.


Industry News


Taking online experiences offline: FARFETCH

Not only has FARFETCH pioneered an e-commerce platform for luxury brands, but it was an early adopter of augmented reality try-on tools on Snapchat at its London flagship store.



As customers check in, smart mirrors show a customer’s wish list and suggest products using artificial intelligence, RFID-enabled clothing racks that ping a customer’s smartphone, and more. FARFETCH also uses this technology to collect data to improve the customer experience.



“From the very start, we essentially connected physical inventory to a digital platform,” said CEO José Neves in an interview with “Three key facts: No. 1, digital is completely influencing consumer behavior and the creation of desire; No. 2, online is growing much faster than offline; but three, offline is still — and will be — where the vast majority of transactions take place. So how do you make sense of all of this?”

💡Get inspired


Short of a Snapchat mirror and AR-ready experiences, promotional businesses can create twinned online and offline experience from events.




  • 👁️ Share customer insights between Brikl MicroStores and event activations to create personalized and highly memorable interactions loyal customers will love.
  • 🛍️ Prep a goodie bag, especially for customers that you know will be in attendance.
  • 😍 Add a personal touch by adding their name to your branded products to increase their affinity to your brand.

Better together: Brikl x Aturian

Aturian’s ERP platform, crafted by industry experts, is designed to meet the unique needs of promotional product distributors. All while offering customization and integrations available only to large-scale systems outside the promotional products industry.


The partnership between Brikl and Aturian will enable businesses to offer their customers a truly immersive and interactive shopping experience. Through numerous conversations, industry insight from professionals, and customer feedback, Brikl and Aturian have identified several operational inefficiencies that their collaboration aims to address.


“We are truly excited to see this partnership come to fruition and with it, all of the benefits that current and future Aturian clients can enjoy. Aturian’s vision for the future has always been based on being open, flexible, adaptable, and highly customizable. Brikl’s platform and vision for growth are a perfect match for this philosophy.” Aturian’s Matt Staff, Director of Sales, comments.


Full press release coming soon!






New joiners

Bruno Rodriguez

Service Delivery Manager

Kourosh G.

Frontend Engineer


Data Engineer

Srikanth Pandem

Data Engineer

Simran Chavda

UI/UX Expert and Project Manager

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