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New client of the month

Welcoming Big E Promos!

We are thrilled to announce that Brikl has partnered with Big E Promos, a leading promotional products company dedicated to delivering innovative and sustainable branding solutions. Together, we are paving the way for a more eco-friendly and impactful future in the promotional industry.


Why we’re hyped. 


  • 🌱 Sustainability at its Core
    Big E Promos understands the importance of aligning brands with sustainability and social responsibility. With our cutting-edge technology and expertise in customizable merchandise, we will empower Big E Promos to provide a wide range of eco-friendly promotional items, from recycled materials to renewable energy sourcing.
  • 🌟 Innovation and Customization
    Our partnership with Big E Promos will unlock new possibilities for creative and impactful promotional campaigns for their customers, through unmatched flexibility and personalization options for their promotional products. 
  • 📈 Staying Ahead of the Curve
    Sustainability is a hot topic right now and seemingly into the beyond. With the growing demand for eco-friendly products, Brikl can gain a competitive edge, attract socially conscious customers, and enhance its brand reputation.

It's a Family Affair: Maarten Leuven City Triathlon started in Wilsele

Did you know that Maarten’s swimming skills have earned him the nickname The Boone of the Ocean? That’s not true, but he’s an incredible swimmer. And it turns out athleticism runs in the family! The Boones acted as lifeguards at this year’s Leuven City Triathlon (Belgium), with Maarten helping six people to safety throughout the swimming part of the race. This was no mean feat; kudos, Maarten! We hope to have the Boones nearby next time we’re anywhere near open water!

Inside the Hive: Employee News

Town Hall Retrospective
Thanks to everyone who attended our Town Hall meeting this month! We hope you found the new alignment of business goals, strategy, and vision useful. Did you miss it or want to review the presentation? You can download a copy here. And remember, we ran out of time at the end of the meeting to run through your questions and answers, so please take a moment to go through this at the end of the deck. 
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Brikl through your eyes: Aimee
Kudos to teams who made everyday and everything possible. Feel blessed to be surrounded with talented people.
Brikl through your eyes: Suz
I wanted to showcase my appreciation for Mery and Chey this month for their work on the product image embellishment task for Cline. This manual project was time consuming, but both of you handled the work with nothing but positivity. And thank you to the account managers who consider this work part of their day-to-day. Your hard work and commitment is what makes us a standout brand - thank you for being awesome, all!
Brikl through your eyes: Dan
Kudos to Suz because she is LEGEND!
Brikl through your eyes: Meryem
Kudos to Suz and Mark because of all the amazing work they do and how much they care and are passionate to get the work done. At the same time, they consider all employee conditions and try to be flexible.
Brikl through your eyes: Les
Kudos to Farhan and Chad. Chad was integral to my growth in Brikl. From very early on, Chad made sure that I was able to adapt and consistently checked to see if I needed help. He has inspired me to demonstrate the same kindness to others. The world simply needs more Chads!
Brikl's Brightest: Employee Recognition 
Want someone you appreciate to be featured next month? Let us know!
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Quote order store
This feature is incredibly useful for sales reps who want to send stores to customers, generate leads, and drive sales. You’ll need to set up the MicroStore as a quote store to use this feature. This allows your customers to place orders without making payments. A quote will be generated, which you can then pass on to your customer instead.
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Making personalization a required field
You can now set personalizations as required fields on product pages or a MicroStore level. One of the benefits is that you can collect customer personalization field data at the point of transaction.
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How to set up password protection on a storefront homepage
You can now set up password-protected MicroStore storefront homepages. This allows an enhanced layer of security to be applied to your store.
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Video of the month: What is Brikl?

Brikl has a TONNE of features created especially for the custom and promotional products industry. We created this sales video, in collaboration with our superstar Dan Vermont, to explain how versatile the platform is to people who may have never set up an online store before. 

Industry news

Custom merch producer Zome Design leverages power of swag.

Brayden Jessen, CEO and president of the Spokane Valley-based company, says there are three R’s to leveraging the power of swag for employers: Retention, recruitment, and recognition.


He cites Amazon as an example of a company that emphasizes employee retention. Each Amazon warehouse has its own branding, the Spokane warehouse is dubbed GEG 2 and has a grizzly bear mascot. Custom swag distributed to employees has the grizzly bear and a paw print, and the name GEG 2, instead of Amazon. At the Amazon warehouse in Boise, Idaho, the team mascot is a mustang.


“Even though they are one of the biggest companies in the world, they still try to do things to give (employees) their own sense of community,” he says.

Genumark Earns B Corp Certification

Top 40 distributor Genumark (asi/204588) is ready to do its part to address societal challenges. To that end, the Toronto-based promotional products firm has been officially certified as a B Corp.


growing number of promo companies have been seeking out the designation, which recognizes companies that meet high standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. B Lab, the nonprofit that assesses companies, has certified more than 6,000 B Corps from 150 industries across 80 countries.

Custom NFC Business Cards for Trade Show Giveaways

A challenge coin production company has announced that their NFC smart coins are now available for companies nationwide.


These new NFC challenge coins are available from Gray Water Ops, long-time producer of memorabilia for military and public service organizations across the country.


While the use cases for this newly patented technology are still being explored, the company has seen early success with these products at trade shows. The challenge coins work especially well as prizes in giveaways, as they can be used as promotional merchandise both physically and digitally. This dual-purpose has also been shown to be more memorable than other merchandise options, boosting brand recognition in the process.

Tchibo and SAP Brew Up Web3 Innovation

Digital twins are digital representations of physical objects. NFTs of digital twins, used as promotional items, invitations, passes to special events such as exclusive sales, or redemptions for discounts and physical goods, can be low-cost entries into the Web3 universe. As sales or service tools, digital twins also present excellent possibilities for improving the customer experience post-purchase. Imagine the next time your car’s engine light comes on. Instead of driving it to the repair shop, you share a digital twin that a mechanic can use to virtually investigate and diagnose the problem. You can bet if I’m getting consistently reliable service without leaving my home, I’m a repeat customer.

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