Bringing a new dimension to Zoot triathlon gear

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Bringing a new dimension to Zoot triathlon gear

As the leading manufacturer of triathlon gear, including race and training day apparel, footwear, and wetsuits, it has always been Zoot’s priority to provide its customers with an unparalleled experience. However, in its partnership with Brikl, the brand is taking its newest team store to a new level. 

Customers can now see Zoot’s pioneering and innovative products in 3D, combining high performance with a unique aesthetic. In Zoot’s words, “Not many brands would dare to test their products in the lava fields of Hawaii, but for us, it’s where we set our standards.” But the limits of its creativity are yet to be tested. 

Triathlon gear with a new dimension

Anyone who trains or exercises knows what good kit means to them. It’s the difference between crossing the finish line and your new personal best. With its team store, powered by Brikl, Zoot is now encouraging its customers to combine their athletic pride with team spirit, and a unique personalized touch. (1)

“Congratulations from Zoot on this spectacular achievement! We’ve created special St. George 2021 World Championship team kits available for purchase to wear during your championship race. This kit is only available to Zooters who’ve qualified and are racing at this event,” Zoot comments.

“This is the same short-sleeved full-zip race pattern you’ve been using this past year with updated graphics, logos, and your last name printed on the back of each suit. As a thank you, we’re offering this at special pricing and including a custom World Championship tee for men and singlet for women, free with every order”.

Brikl’s CEO, Maarten Boone, comments: “We couldn’t be prouder of our work with Zoot and we’re so happy that its customers can now see its products from every angle.

“Athleticism is a perspective-changing mindset: it challenges long-held beliefs about the limits of your endurance. It’s our mission to do the same with businesses, helping them realize the full scope of creative potential that lies within them. We’re so excited about our continued work with Zoot and remain honored to work with them.” 

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