Create customizable jackets in Hexa’s design studio

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Create customizable jackets in Hexa’s design studio


With over 25-years’ experience manufacturing premium outerwear for some of the most iconic brands in the outdoor industry, Hexa prides itself on knowing a thing or two about products that are built to last. 

But unlike other brands, Hexa doesn’t believe that consumers should take a backseat in their design. Its customizable jackets are a stunning testament to the brand’s belief in “collaboration, design, and the ability to bring something incredible to life, together.” 

Hexa custom

Brikl teamed up with Hexa to give its customers the chance to design pieces they’ll cherish forever in its new team store. Customizable jackets that are designed to unleash the designer’s self-expression without compromising the high spec, all-weather protection the brand is known for. 

Unleash your creative potential 

“We offer the canvas, and you create the masterpiece.” Hexa encourages its customers to play and experiment in their design studio, powered by Brikl. Your canvas is your choice of customizable jacket. Upload your patterns or textures or choose from a preselected range of colors. 

“Figuring out how to facilitate true customization was the fun part. We had to think differently and innovate in a way that eliminates barriers, facilitates creativity, and delivers the unexpected”.

Hexa’s mission

Hexa promises to bring products to life in a unique way while demonstrating a strong sense of ethics and responsibility towards its employees, material suppliers, and the environment, as described in its responsible business approach.

Hexa custom

“This was one of the many draws for teaming up with Hexa,” Maarten Boone, Brikl’s CEO, comments.

“In our efforts to encourage custom businesses to streamline operations by using the Brikl platform, we try to instill better resource efficiency. All while showing companies how on-demand production is so much more sustainable for the planet and social infrastructures versus mass production. We see ourselves reflected in Hexa’s values, and we couldn’t be more honored to be working with them.”



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