Evolution Team Apparel Brand Spotlight

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Evolution Team Apparel Brand Spotlight



Industries, across the board, are largely averse to change. Once something works, it becomes a standard that can be hard to challenge. But technology is pushing companies to consider comfort and familiarity as stagnation. This stasis simply allows competitors the critical inside edge they need to become new market leaders. 

When it was founded in 2014, Evolution Team Apparel had already recognized how continuous innovation could offer indomitable quality in the sportswear market. In their words, the company was born “out of a passion to create an athletic brand of high quality uniforms with innovative designs”.

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And in their constant pursuit for better, Evolution Team Apparel also encourages athletes to view their performance in the same way, linking highly engineered sportswear apparel and the athletes inside in helping them reach their milestones. “Our goal is to continuously create products that inspire our athletes to feel as good as they look; so they can perform at their best.’

With Brikl, Evolution Team Apparel is taking their mission to supply their athletes with the best product possible to the next level, by ensuring an exceptional level of service from click to checkout, order through to fulfillment. Brikl’s next-generation team stores will also ensure that Evolution Team Apparel have to spend less time, resources and effort on order management and more time ensuring their name on everyone’s lips.

Want to hear how Brikl’s team stores can save your custom or promotional business time, money and effort? Get in touch.  


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