Giving Sales Prospecting a Glow-Up: A Personal Take on Brikl x

Giving Sales Prospecting a Glow-Up
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Giving Sales Prospecting a Glow-Up: A Personal Take on Brikl x

During PPAI, I overheard multiple complaints from distributors and sales reps about how difficult it is to be competitive and how customer and behavioral analytics are a nice-to-have when they should be considered a must-have. After the event, I received a number of sales PDFs, which are the equivalent of shouting into the digital void, greeted by silence or, at best, a polite “Thanks; I’ll look into this.”

It’s high time we acknowledged the elephant in the room: traditional PDF sales presentations are a snooze button of the sales world. They’re static, unengaging, and, most importantly, don’t offer you the insights you need to really deliver the value your customers deserve, and that you’re so keen to give them. But if our webinar with showed you anything, it’s that there’s a way to transform this dreary scenario into an engaging, interactive journey that not only captures but holds your prospect’s attention. 

The Drawbacks of Traditional Sales Tactics

“I think what's powerful about [a PDF] is familiarity,”

Danny Chu, CEO of noted during the session. Familiarity is a great thing. It allows you to work in a way that’s comfortable, but often, it also means you’re working harder with fewer victories than the ones you can lay claim to when using technology as your trusty sidekick. Not only can speed up the process of putting these painstaking catalogs together season to season – Danny literally put one together in 3 minutes flat – but it also allows you to see how people interact with your products. 

Moreover, the traditional sales approach through static PDFs fails to showcase your personal value as a rep or a distributor.

"They're a static representation of products that don't help you as a sales rep stand out from a crowd,"

Danny reiterated when recounting his experience as a sales rep, pointing out the fundamental flaw in traditional methods.

So there are two huge benefits here, it’s not just about the products. Brikl x Journey allows you to embed media like Loom videos within your sales journey, allowing you to introduce your offerings and yourself! This humanizes your pitch, making it more than just a transaction.

"Reps know the benefits of automation but don’t want to lose the intimacy of personal relationships,"

I mentioned during the webinar (this was an observation detailed in PPAI’s Outlook 2024: 5 Threats To Take Seriously). But how personal is a PDF? 

Taking a hybrid approach where you can introduce yourself, show a curated showcase of products and collections through a Brikl store, and embed your calendar so your prospects can easily book a meeting to follow up is a beautiful customer experience! What’s more,

"You can gain data and insights from every step of the process,"

Danny pointed out, underlining the strategic advantage of informed sales tactics.

Giving Sales Prospecting a Glow-Up:

From the moment your prospect opens your link to every interaction they have with your content, you’re equipped with data that helps you understand and cater to their needs more effectively. Brikl x Journey isn’t just an alternative; it’s about creating an experience.

"Brikl x Journey offers a live environment where prospects can shop our embedded store directly, eliminating spreadsheets and emails,"

Danny shared, emphasizing the seamless integration that redefines the buying process.

Beyond Sales: A Tool for Full-Cycle Customer Engagement

Brikl x Journey’s utility extends beyond initial sales pitches. Its templates are versatile, suitable for onboarding, reporting, newsletters, and more, making it a comprehensive tool for engaging with customers throughout their journey with your brand.

"Journey's templates can also be used for onboarding, reporting, newsletters, etc., so the platform itself can be a full-cycle tool in the customer journey,"

I explained during the webinar to showcase its versatility.

Enough waffle! Want to breathe life into your sales game and see how Brikl x works firsthand? Just pick a time and date for a demo here! As an exclusive benefit, you’ll also enjoy up to a 40% discount on your annual subscription! Talk to me to find out more. 

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