Kiwami Sports chooses Brikl for 3D customization of its product lines

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Kiwami Sports chooses Brikl for 3D customization of its product lines

LEUVEN, BELGIUM – May 10, 2021 – Brikl, a leading 3D customization and e-commerce platform, has announced that Kiwami Sports will be using its leading-edge 3D capabilities to bring a whole new dimension to its collections.

With more than 15 years of expertise in design and triathlon clothing manufacturing, Kiwami offers highly technical and high-performance sportswear for professional and amateur triathletes and trail runners. Using Brikl’s 3D customization tool, Kiwami are elevating their customer experience with next-generation interactivity. Companies all over the world are benefiting from the surge in demand for real-time rendering that 3D customization provides. Additionally, the process has been proven to drive customers and clients to make purchase decisions faster. kiwami 2 Internally, customizing and selling designs is often a lengthy and manual process for designers and product teams, leading to hundreds of hours lost annually. Brikl’s cloud-based platform was created to automate these process, helping businesses reconcile the hidden and visible costs that a traditional design and retailing process incurs. Craig Watson, Kiwami’s owner, comments: “We really like the flexibility that Brikl gives customers to personalize our triathlon suits just as they want them. Customers create their own designs, make their adjustments on the platform, and print files are generated automatically, which saves us a lot of time. Customization is a key part of our development for the next few years, and we’ll be relying on Brikl’s expertise to help us achieve our goals.” KIWAMI SOCKJason Reinhardt, Brikl’s COO, comments: “I couldn’t be happier to have Kiwami Sports aboard – a company that’s known for its commitment to maximum performance, functionality, comfort, and standout style. By using Brikl’s platform, the brand will literally be adding new facets to their products while giving their customers a uniquely elevated next-generation experience. All the while, we’ll be creating efficiencies behind the scenes by automating a notoriously lengthy design process. We can’t wait to see how much of a positive difference we can make to Kiwami’s day to day and future!”. Find more about Brikl and Kiwami Sports. 

About Brikl

Brikl is a leading cloud-based e-commerce and 3D customization platform for B2B and B2C products, team and group purchasing, and a market unicorn. Its unique next-generation capabilities allow Brikl to consistently create better by automating, simplifying and streamlining the process of creating and selling online. For more information, please visit
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