New and improved: Brikl’s Knowledge Base

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New and improved: Brikl’s Knowledge Base

Brikl’s platform is designed to be intuitive. Our team stores can be set up in under 15 minutes (less than that if you already have one you can clone), our content builder is drag-and-drop simplicity, and our admin portal provides all the information you need at a glance. 
But we know that our merchants also need support with setup, new features, and just coming unstuck from time to time. That’s why we’ve worked hard to streamline your experience across our new and improved Knowledge Base! 
What’s changed?  Our categorizations have been restructured and new articles have been created to mirror your journey as much as possible as a first-time user.  Our mission was to ensure that you have all the steps you need to set up your store, future-proofing the amount of time and effort you’ll have to put into creating the next one. Our Design Studio guides have also been written for merchants looking for the most efficient way to set up their Design Studio.  Account setup Accountsetup Every article in this category has been created to give you a solid foundation on how to use the Brikl platform. Learn what Brikl’s store hierarchy is, set up your first store, and assign roles and permissions to give access to designated users. Catalog Catalog Find out here what Brikl’s catalog function is and how it makes a difference to the appearance of your products and your customers’ experience of your site. Add variants and attributes, create product packages and collections.  Orders and leads Lead&order Brikl makes it easy to collect, manage and fulfill orders while preparing for the potential of incoming future orders. Find out more about how to sort and collect orders and leads here.  Team stores and microsites teamstore_microsites This section gives you a comprehensive overview of the difference between team stores, microsites and websites before showing you how to set one up and how to assign products.  Design Studio (Merchants) Designstudio These guides have been designed to help you configure Brikl’s Design Studio. Unlock the power of 3D configurator for your products and give your customers a customization experience they’ll keep coming back for.

Design Studio (Customers)


Customize colors, prints, text, and so much more. Make the most of every feature in Brikl’s Design Studio. Content builder


Help your customers learn, convert, and be inspired by your brand. Build your sites using our drag-and-drop functionality, create a standout user experience and a recognizable brand. Discounts and upcharges upcharges Discounts are a great way of incentivizing increased cart value and reducing abandonment throughout the checkout process. Donate to your chosen cause through fundraising and assign upcharges to make it easy to pass on any fees you may incur to your customers.  Reporting reporting Get valuable insights on your entire online shop and all your team stores to create a targeted strategy for growth.  Integrations integrations_blog
To support your effortless transition to Brikl, discover our API and webhook integrations. Find out what works best with us in the articles here. 
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