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September's New Features
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September’s New Features: 5 Creative Ways to Drive Sales

There’s a great debate raging about whether e-commerce is an or a science. But you know what? It doesn’t matter! Whether you lean towards code or aesthetics, Brikl Microstores has a slew of new features that will ignite both sides of your brain!

But we’re not going to give you the ordinary applications of these features. You can check out our changelog for that. We’re going off the beaten track to show you how to use them to up your sales and customer experience game.

“Flexible” and “Purchase Order” in the same sentence? You bet! Brikl’s new feature lets you add multiple payment instructions on every purchase order.

Get Creative: 

Suppose you’re dealing with wholesalers. Utilize this feature to add QR codes that link directly to a detailed video, explaining why buying in bulk from you is the best choice they’ll ever make. Or maybe for those old-schoolers who still prefer a check, how about step-by-step video guides to write a check? Make it as fun and engaging as possible; trust us, it works wonders for customer engagement. You can even offer exclusive discounts via these PO instructions. Turn a usually boring aspect of the sales process into an engaging one.

This isn’t about capping how many units of an item someone can buy. You can use this feature to create a real buzz.

Get Creative:

Use this to build scarcity or exclusivity. Let’s say you have a new product line and want to create some hype. Use the product limit settings to offer a “Limited Release” version of the product. Or if you’ve got overstock of a particular item, do the opposite. Set a minimum order quantity and bundle it with a hot-selling item at a reduced rate.

Alright, now this is where you can truly go mad scientist, so let’s backcomb our hair and get going. The capability to set up the quantity limit for products within the master catalog gives you some next-level flexibility.

Get Creative:

Offer cross-brand bundles where a customer has to pick at least one product from different categories to check out. For example, “Pick at least one T-shirt, one hoodie, and one accessory to proceed.” 

This one may look like a wallflower at first glance but is the unsung hero among the new features. 

Get Creative:

Say you’ve got different color options for a product. Introduce a limited-time color or pattern and auto-sync it with all your other options. But make it more exciting—tie it in with a live event, a holiday, or a social media challenge. Imagine your customers’ surprise when they see the new “Mystery Color” and then find out it’s a super vibrant pattern that’s only available for a limited time. Scarcity and novelty—that’s what drives curiosity and sales!

What if you could make shipping a selling point?

Get Creative:

Use the base and additional item rates to encourage bulk buying. Here’s how it could work: make the base shipping fee a tad higher but keep the additional item rate very low. Market it as an “Eco-Friendly Shipping Option,” encouraging customers to buy more at once, reducing the overall carbon footprint. Not only do you move more products, but you also give eco-conscious customers a reason to feel good about it. Why not team this with a countdown timer and a climate change challenge where the more you buy, the less your carbon footprint?

If you think this is where our creativity ends, think again! We’re a bubbling chemistry set of creative ideas for using the Brikl platform – tap us up for more

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