Thanksgiving Ecommerce Deals: Brikl Technology

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Thanksgiving Ecommerce Deals: Brikl Technology

In a year where we’ve seen the tail-end of a global pandemic, the outbreak of war, and the worst economic conditions in decades (2022 – you’ve been a lot), promotional businesses have seen how critical having an online presence is for building resilient customer relationships as well as generating sales revenue.

So, roll out the turkey dinner because, let’s face it, in conditions like this, there’s a lot to be grateful for this Thanksgiving!

As a way of extending our thanks to the industry, we’re giving you your first four-hour block of training and onboarding for free – a saving of $350. Book a demo and sign up between now and December 15th. Boost your online selling potential exponentially.  


Boost your online selling

Set up branded online stores with us and start selling in 15 minutes. Create new stores from existing ones in just a click. This feature alone can save you up to 25 hours a week.

As one of our merchant’s coaches said, “I spend around 20 hours a week just setting up a team store. I want to be able to set up stores without manually having to set up every product so that I can focus on coaching my team as opposed to doing administrative work”.

The time leakage is clear, but research has also found that heavy amounts of administrative work instead of the job you were hired to do – or would like to do – can contribute to low productivity, high turnover, burnout, and frustration. There are hidden costs to time you’re wasting (as well as the more visible monetary cost), which is why Brikl has made it possible to set up a team store, or a Brikl MicroStore, in under 15 minutes.

Once set up, you can leverage powerful data and insights to make sure you’re upselling, cross-selling, and marketing your stores to drive revenue exponentially. Our merchants typically see a conversion uplift of 35% per team store. 


Want to see bestselling products, supplier inventory, the total amount of fundraising, and cross-selling and upselling opportunities across your store? Brikl analytics allow you to take an insight-led approach to your business like never before. Offer your customers the same level of transparency: our order tracking functionality allows them to see exactly what stage their order is at, so they don’t have to spend time chasing you on where their orders are. 

Get the Insights​

Integrate Brikl with your ERP, CRMs, and existing platforms to make sure you’re getting your data your way wherever you need it. 

Brikl merchants making full use of the platform through integrations have seen a 150% increase in sales in their first year on average. We can connect to what you’re already using, from NetSuite, MS Dynamic Navision, ApparelMagic, and ShopWorx to SAP, SalesForce, and more. Brikl’s Stripe Tax, Avalara, and TaxJar integrations allow you to benefit from precise, location-specific sales tax rates and calculations and so much more. All while, ShipStation, and ShipEngine allow you to access discounted rates from carriers, validate customer addresses, fulfill and ship orders, and manage returns. Use 3PL to distribute, warehouse, and fulfill your orders effortlessly.

Supplier transparency, collaboration, and communication are everything for custom and promotional businesses. That’s why we integrate with your suppliers to increase sales and streamline your operations through live product feeds, live inventory, live pricing and so much more.

Brikl’s integrations with these leading software allow you to create an effortless customer experience, from order through to fulfillment, that keeps your customers coming back. 

Get Connected​


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