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Understanding The What And How Of MicroStores

What is MicroStore Technology, and What Makes it So Special?

Custom and promotional businesses exist in a complicated space where relationships, logistics, and traditional tools collide. Think Excel spreadsheets, email, and even, wait for it, phone calls to organize orders.


These legacy tools are sinkholes where time and your will to live can often disappear. Does any of this sound familiar to you?


  • 25 hours a week just setting up team stores, brand pop-up sites, and company stores, to name but a few.

  • 40 hours a week spent designing and decorating custom designs one by one using Adobe Suite or similar design packages.

  • Hundreds of lost hours taking and managing orders across multiple communication channels using Excel.

MicroStore technology places a cover over this sinkhole so you can take confident strides towards the future as a business. It does this through specific features designed to make the lives of companies in the custom and promotional industry easier.

Set Up New Shops Smarter and Faster

MicroStores have unique, next-generation features that speed up the process of creating a site through which businesses can sell brand products online. Think 15 minutes instead of the average 25 hours a week. Then think of all the things you’ve dreamed of doing with your extra time. From brushing the cat to scaling into new markets, the luxury of time is singlehandedly the most valuable resource you own. So treat it like the precious commodity it is.


Once a template store is set up, MicroStores can be duplicated to create entirely new stores, fully customized with new branding, that your sales and marketing team will love you for in a matter of clicks.


Next-Generation Design Tools


For custom and promotional businesses specifically, the additional headache of decoration, artwork, and file management can additionally cause business owners and designers to work long hours on tedious but critical tasks.


Brikl MicroStores offer unique bulk embellishment tools that allow businesses to add artwork and logos across products and variants, handing hundreds of hours back to businesses.


Designed for Better


All the functionality you need to create and grow your business, increase cart value, and generate revenue are at your fingertips, from inventory and order management and design and collaboration features, and fundraising. What’s more, our system has been designed to be hyper-intuitive to ensure that you get what you’re looking for as quickly as possible.


For example, searching for a product to pull into your store (including all pictures, pricing, product descriptions, and more) can be done just by searching for the product title instead of having to remember long strings of product IDs. Who has the time or the memory for that? Search the way you’d search online.


Is a MicroStore Right for My Company?


Yes. If your company operates in the custom products industry or the promotional market and you spend a lot of time setting up online stores, MicroStore technology has multiple automation benefits for you.


As an increasing number of customers flock to your website or online shop to place their orders, you need to ensure that you’re able to cope with demand using software that’s specifically made for your challenges:


  • offering your customers a personalized shopping experience

  • giving them the ability to add a logo to a stock or custom product

  • streamlining internal operations so that once an order is placed, it’s collated accurately in the backend.


It’s this ability to counter complex and specific challenges that make Brikl the leading provider of MicroStore technology to businesses worldwide.


What Are the Benefits of MicroStores?


MicroStores have a HUGE range of benefits that (we’d like to show you) as well as tell you about. These include:


  • Setting up MicroStores in 15 minutes.

  • Add a store under your domain or your customer’s domain to optimize traffic and provide a highly relevant customer experience.

  • Offer currencies and language based on the location of your customer through store localization features.

  • Save colossal amounts of time on branding and customizing products, including all product options and variants, with our bulk embellishment and visualization feature.

  • Content is still king, even in 2023! Add a blog to your store or pop-up sites to increase the value you’re offering your customers. And share articles across your social network to get as much engagement from your network as possible.

  • Set scheduled opening and close times to make managing your stores as effortless as possible.

  • Increase your domain authority by adding links to the main site from your pop-up sites, company stores, team stores, etc.

  • Using our content builder to add a logo, name, or artwork and brand-related information to create a highly personalized store experience for all your sales and marketing needs.

What Content Can Give Me More Information on What MicroStores Do?

There are so many benefits to having a MicroStore that we’d encourage you to check out our article on How To Build A MicroStore And Scale In 2022, which goes through how MicroStores can help boost productivity cross-functionally, from sales to marketing to operations, how they can boost company revenue, and offer your customers a market-leading online store experience.


Our article titled, 10 Things You Might Not Know Your Team Store (MicroStore) Can Do also talks about how MicroStores can automate processes across operations, offering huge time efficiencies that can be channeled back into the business.

So think of how your company currently works, think of how your want your company to work, and book a demo because we can definitely help with that!


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