What is 3D visualization?

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What is 3D visualization?

Imagine you’re a designer that works for a customization business or promotional company. Or if you’re already a designer in this industry, you’ll know the mammoth and nightmarish task of manually tweaking and amending 2D designs according to the needs of customers, clients and athletes firsthand.


When it comes to custom sportswear for a team, for example, where numbers, names, and logos need to be added onto a garment, the design approval process can often take hours over days—sometimes even weeks—to sign off.

Placement needs to be exact across every piece of kit, which often means a change made to one piece needs to be replicated across multiple designs. Designers pore over printouts to meticulously edit product designs, but with long communication chains, last-minute feedback and cross-functional considerations, this process is anything but straightforward.   

This is where the stunning power of 3D visualization comes in.  

What is 3D visualization?

3D visualization refers to the process of creating 3D graphics using 3D software. What we’ll be referring to in this article is the process of rendering 2D, or flat designs, into 3D using Brikl’s platform.


The benefits of Brikl’s 3D visualization

Designers can streamline the way they work

As mentioned, designers working across multiple, flat designs, making amendment after amendment, have a seriously long and arduous job on their hands. 

Long email chains, phone calls and text messages can add chaos to an already complex process. Additionally,  if there are multiple designers or internal employees working on one order, it’s a challenge to ensure that everyone has access to the same information.

Brikl’s 3D visualization allows designers to render 2D files into 3D files at the touch of a button, and rotate 3D designs

Using Brikl’s 3D visualization, designers can simply share a link and isolate the approvals process to a browser window.

This allows the recipient to:

  • View and comment on designs. All designers and internal employees can then benefit from the latest feedback and design version. 
  • View and interact with designs. This is far more effective than explaining changes via email (see our next point on this below).
  • Designers can clearly see where design iterations need to be implemented, as opposed to having to visualize the changes themselves and add these to paper versions of the designs. This is a huge time-saving during the design to production process while also leaving little room for human error to creep in. 


It expedites the design approval process 

The human brain processes visuals about 60,000 times faster than text. And 80% of all information it processes is visual. That’s one of the many reasons 3D visualization is so impressive: it helps clients, customers, and stakeholders make a decision faster

Instead of explaining placement and design iterations, designers can now just share a link, have the recipient add their comments and sign them off. No lengthy email chains. No phone calls. No instructions by carrier pigeon. Brikl’s 3D visualization is a one and done way to design

It leaves an impression

3d visualization is a cutting-edge and wholly impressive way to demonstrate a finished product to your end user, with them getting to see your product from every angle. These graphics are also a great way to market your product as the recipient of your design shares them across their social networks. Why not integrate them into your own marketing strategy? Raise brand awareness and the profile of your product by encouraging your clients, customers and athletes to share the link of your finished products on. 

It swaps static for dynamic

It is far easier to create product images digitally than have to shoot an array of photos then upload them onto your site. And again, the customer can then observe the product from every angle. This level of interactivity and visual engagement has proven effects on user experience and engagement

When DueMaternity.com added a 360 degree view to its products, they saw an increase of 27% in their converstion rate, and when Golfsmith.com added 360 degree views to certain products, they saw that their conversion rates were 30 – 40% higher than the ones with regular imagery. – Usability Geek

It puts far less pressure on internal resources

We talk a lot about how custom and promotional companies can minimize their impact on the environment by streamlining their operations: 3D visualization is a great way to do this.


  • It takes one person to upload designs to Brikl’s platform as opposed to the multiple people it takes to coordinate a photo shoot. One platform is all it takes to create stunning, interactive product shots for every product in your catalog. 
  • Instead of having to reshoot product images when errors occur or when new iterations of a product are developed, 3D designs can be modified with ease. 
  • As mentioned briefly above, designers using traditional means of production during the approvals process generate a lot of waste in the form of discarded printouts. Switching to digital eliminates paper waste as all communication and iterations can be done through a browser instead. 
  • 3D visualization opens doors for creativity on a larger scale that minimize your reliance on agencies or external resources. As described above, videos, social content, and other marketing assets can be generated in-house using 3D designs you already have. 
  • 3D images can also be implemented in way that accelerates page loading speeds across desktop and mobile, allowing the end user and internal teams using the site on a daily basis to save time. Ensuring all of the variations of a product—for example, multiple colorways—allows the user to click between options without leaving the page, creating more time savings. 
  • With some products having features or compartments that are hidden, 3D visualizations can showcase these with ease and heightened interactivity. 

How do I use Brikl’s 3D Visulization? 

If you don’t have a Brikl account already, get in contact. Our experts will listen to your challenges and give you a personalized walkthrough of how to resolve them while streamlining your operations. After that, they’ll set you up with a demo account where you can try out all the features you’ve seen yourself! 

If you already have a Brikl account, you can get started right away. Check out our Knowledge Base articles for a step-by-step walkthrough. 

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