What is Brikl?

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What is Brikl?




Brikl is the leading e-Commerce platform for MicroStores worldwide. We streamline the way team stores, microsites, and club shops are created and managed while allowing seamless group commerce. Set up and sell in under 15 minutes, have complete transparency on orders coming in real-time, and use 3D design tools to visualize and customize designs. In fact, there’s so much you can do with the platform that speaking to a Brikl expert is always the best way to go!


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What makes Brikl special? 

Brikl is a multi-channel eCommerce solution, which means you can set up and manage multiple channels from a single account while enjoying a bunch of product customization features on top. 


And because it’s the only platform specifically designed to counter the specific needs and challenges of custom and promotional businesses, it’s a pretty unique beast—a unicorn, in fact! 

What can Brikl do? 

Here are just a few of the things you can do with the platform.
Use the eCommerce functionality to generate orders, leads, payments, and shipping instructions.

Additionally, Brikl’s customer admin portal is an innovation that allows coaches, sales reps, and other team representatives to have real-time access to their stores, allowing them to see an overview of sales, order quantities, and fundraising.

This is huge for custom and promotional businesses who spend a lot of time managing orders and relaying information cross-functionally.
Another considerable time sink is having to spend hours if not days setting up team stores and microsites. Brikl’s MicroStore technology allows you to set your first store up in under 15 minutes and mere seconds after that, as you can duplicate an existing store to create a new one.

Brikl’s content builder makes it easy to create and customize content, including your homepage, landing pages, and blogs and personalize them to your preference and branding. With customization a burgeoning megatrend, finding a way to offer a heightened level of personalization to your customers can only ever be good for business. That’s where Brikl’s 3D design capabilities come in.

Top tip

Brikl experts can also help you digitize your products for the 3D Design Studio. Digitizations can be free if you have or can upload your files. If you have your own files but need support from the Brikl team when it comes to uploading and configuring them, this can also be done.

Brikl offers (and charges for) a full digitization service. So, if you have no knowledge and would like to create bespoke production patterns in 3D, you don’t have to walk alone. If you just need generic 3D models to generate leads, you can choose from a catalog of items available to purchase.

Now suppose you want to take automation to the next level, Brikl can create 3D models with individual size templates, which can then be exported or sent to your Enterprise Resource Planning system for printing. 

Who is Brikl for? 

No other company knows custom businesses like yours like Brikl. Set up a new team store in under 15 minutes and start selling using bespoke, industry-specific features that were designed to automate the manual. 

Typically, the job functions that love the platform most are founders and owners, sales reps, designers, and account managers for companies that design, manage, supply, or sell stock and custom products either B2B and B2C or deals with large orders to teams and groups.

That’s because Brikl gives them the freedom to forget spreadsheets, lengthy store setup and management, elaborate communication cross-functionally, internally, and externally, and wishing for more visibility on orders and suppliers. If you’re from a custom or promotional business and wish you could spend more time strategizing and growing your company and brand awareness instead of being locked into the tedium of manual tasks, Brikl is 100% for you. 

What typical day-to-day challenge does Brikl help counter?

Although not an exhaustive list (by any means), here are some common challenges Brikl’s platform helps resolve.

What can we help02

Setting up team stores

As mentioned above, companies spend a lot of time setting up team stores. For example, for one of our merchants, this amounted to four hours a day before discovering Brikl. This can add up to hundreds if not thousands of hours lost per year. Brikl’s team store setup has been designed to be as quick and efficient as possible. Set up a store in under 15 minutes, or use an existing store to create a new one in seconds. This includes copying over products, collections, and content in a few clicks. 

Swap spreadsheets for synergy 

Another common yet complex challenge Brikl resolves is the issue of collating orders across spreadsheets. Why are spreadsheets a problem? Well, a lot of spreadsheets can be generated within a business that doesn’t hold the most up-to-date version of an order or are created in departmental silos: this means sales may not have visibility on the same data as Product, Marketing, Events, or Finance, for example. This creates inaccuracies in reporting and relaying information, which can then cause order errors and friction internally and externally. 

By ensuring that all orders are neatly collated in Brikl’s backend and that roles and permissions can be assigned cross-functionally, Brikl provides a single source of truth for your business, streamlining the order, production, and fulfilment process. And as you’re not constantly having to jump on the phone, export reports, and send emails (as you can assign backend permissions to different people to simply log in and view data themselves), you’ll save hours over days. All while enjoying a greater sense of control, no matter what role you’re in. 

How much does Brikl cost? 

Brikl’s pricing is both flexible and comprehensive:

pricing table

What does Brikl’s monthly fee include? 

Brikl’s monthly fee includes ongoing training, reviews, support, and deployment of new features. What’s more, its in-house engineering and development team work closely with merchants to ensure that their specific pain points and challenges inform new features. This constant evolution, close collaboration, and insight-driven focus on the industry are some of the many reasons why Brikl leads the market in team store, microsite, and group store technology. 

What’s more, as a sales-driven platform, it only benefits when you’re making sales. That’s another reason why every one of its features encourages conversion. In other words, it is in Brikl’s best interest to provide you with the best training, support, and features you need to increase sales. And when you do transact, Brikl takes a reasonable 3.5% of sales when using Stripe, its payment solution. 

And how do Brikl integrations work? 

When it comes to integrations—talk to a Brikl expert. This area is one of the most complex to assign costs to. Every merchant using an ERP, accounting, shipping, or tax platform requires information in different formats to fully integrate with the Brikl platform. Using either Webhook or building out a custom API can ensure data is being communicated correctly. The best way to ensure your needs are being properly met and managed is to have a conversation. 


With its total commitment to driving sales and revenue, Brikl has an agile and intelligent insight into what drives custom and promotional businesses to realize their innate potential with results like: 



It’s a mission that Brikl is committed to, ensuring that every feature that’s released, every challenge it helps reconcile, and every merchant it speaks to informs its approach, future-proofing businesses around the world.


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