Why create custom 3D products and team stores with Brikl?

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Why create custom 3D products and team stores with Brikl?

It’s a fact: designing custom 3D products online using Brikl’s next-generation platform gives you some serious competitive advantages. Combine this with the time savings you’ll enjoy by automating manual tasks, and your business is unstoppable.

Here are some of the most common challenges we hear from team store customers and why Brikl was the platform for them!

  1. Club shops take a long time to create
  2. My business is plagued by long lead times.
  3. My web traffic is being sent to a different platform to purchase
  4. My reports need to be manually keyed in.
  5. I’m experiencing errors caused by large email chains.
  6. I’m wasting time on manual data collection and entry.
  7. My funds take time to be transferred.
  8. I work across multiple Excel spreadsheets and orders.
  9. My demographic’s changing
  10. Why Brikl?

Club shops take a long time to create

Whatever job function you occupy, you’ve got better things to do than spend hours creating a new club shop, team store, or merchandise store. You’re worth so much more than that, and you know it. So, don’t stand for it! Rise up and stand with Brikl’s team store revolution and set up shop in literal minutes.

Brikl’s e-commerce software has been created for effortless use and customization, allowing you to add text, images, video, products, and collections in seconds and plug in our powerful 3D configurator.

Determine your store’s look and feel, customize the templates and add as many languages for your site as you like. The end-to-end process of building your store on Brikl has been engineered to be as efficient and streamlined as possible. 

If you want to see what can be achieved in a few minutes, chat to one of our Brikl experts who’ll be happy to show you the ropes!

My business is plagued by long lead times.

How familiar is this story to you? You spend hours designing custom kit, designing and possibly redesigning it, delivering iteration after iteration until the customer finally disappears? Did they ever exist? Were they all in your head? No, they definitely did exist! And you have the emails to prove it. So, what happened? In a world of Amazon-first business models and same-day deliveries, customers just aren’t very good at being kept waiting.

Long lead times are the antithesis to customer satisfaction. A lack of stock and complex internal processes can cause customers to feel deprioritized. Brikl’s platform overcomes this challenge by allowing customers to design in collaboration with your designers through the platform. So instead of a long, iterative process, you and your customers can enjoy a streamlined operation, with amends being made in real-time. Live links can also be shared by the customer to their social networks, encouraging lead generation as these links are viewed and shared on.

My web traffic is being sent to a different platform to purchase

Imagine hosting a party where you can’t leave the living room. And every time someone leaves the living room, you can’t see what they’re doing. One of them might be microwaving a cheese sandwich and causing a stink. Another might be crying in the garden. But you can’t provide either a helping hand because you’re stuck in place.

This is exactly what it’s like when web traffic is split across multiple sites (sort of). Not only does it make it harder to see and measure your consumer’s behaviors, it also makes it much harder to provide them the exceptional level of customer care they’d expect.

3D products and team stores

What’s more, as traffic impacts your visibility in search engines, which then affects your brand’s ability to be recognized, splitting web traffic also profoundly affects your ability to market yourself effectively.

Brikl can be set up on your domain to preserve traffic numbers while aggregating your customer data across stores. This also provides a better customer experience, as product from multiple stores under your banner can be added and purchased using a single cart transaction instead of multiple purchases being arduously required.

My reports need to be manually keyed in.

If you’ve ever gone cross-eyed from staring at your screen or felt as if you might fall asleep from the boredom of a manual task, you’re not alone. In a recent Smartsheet survey, over 40% of workers surveyed said they spend at least a quarter of their workweek on manual, repetitive, including email, data collection, and data entry. Considering most of us spend one third of our lives at work, we need to do more to automate our operations.

Do it before your competition does:

“Increasingly, organizations need to leverage automation to stay competitive: 65 percent of workers use some automation in their daily work, and 68 percent of workers reported that their team is actively taking steps to automate some of its work. Nearly 30 percent said their departments have plans to automate in the future. Yet despite existing automation and plans to automate, an overwhelming majority of workers – 97 percent – believe that automation can benefit their organization”.

– Smartsheet.

Brikl’s reporting tools automate the manual. Save hundreds of hours as the back-end gathers and collates customer data in comprehensive reports. Tailor your reporting templates to make them hyper-relevant to you and streamline your operations’ reporting capabilities around the platform.

3D products and team stores

I’m experiencing errors caused by large email chains
You’re fielding phone calls, messages, and emails all day, as well as having conversations over video chat. Your attention is already being pulled in different directions. Added to this, email chains about design tweaks and orders are becoming so long that you could hang them out of the window to attract passing princes or princesses. However, this continuous back and forth are how errors, not happy endings are made. A recent user survey found that Brikl’s real-time collaboration reduces errors caused by lengthy customer interactions by up to 86%.
I’m wasting time on manual data collection and entry
Over 90% of the designers and business owners we surveyed told us how manual and repetitive tasks result in longer working hours, distracting them from the company’s greater objectives and making them feel less enthusiastic about their day-to-day. Mental and physical health in a workplace is under scrutiny more than ever, which is why Brikl’s platform automates manual data collection and entry, saving business owners hundreds of hours every year.

Instead of having to painstakingly collate data from multiple spreadsheets, Brikl’s platform aggregates customer data, orders, and more so you can swap time spent keying in product information and whatever else for time spent growing and nurturing your business.

My funds take time to be transferred.

To businesses, especially smaller businesses, the timing, sources, and uses of cash flow are vital. If potential blockers, excesses, or shortages are identified sooner, businesses can right the scales quicker. And thanks to next-generation technology such as Stripe’s integration across the Brikl platform, funds can be transferred at lightning speed securely. This allows companies to sidestep the inefficiencies of slow billing cycles, forecasting inaccuracies and eliminates service fees.

I work across multiple Excel spreadsheets and orders.

Close your eyes and picture Excel. Do you feel tingly with a sense of wonder? Does it inspire you with its limitless power? Are you agape at its potential? For most of us, the answer would be no. But a massive 89% of businesses still use Excel as their go-to accounting software. As orders roll in and spreadsheets are generated in excess across a business, it becomes harder to keep track of financials and collaborate cross-functionally.

It also displaces a critical ‘single source of truth’: one spreadsheet to rule them all. This is so essential when communicating data to departments across the business in a meaningful way.

Brikl’s order software rips up the digital spreadsheet and replaces it with automation tools. Collate all your orders neatly and in one place. Team members can build custom reports using Brikl’s reporting tools to ensure that all data used is consistent, accessible, and up-to-date.

My demographic’s changing

It’s true – the world has changed, and your customer has too! With Gen-Z soon taking the baton from Millennial consumers, pursue authenticity and innovation over static images to future proof your business. 

Brikl’s continuously evolving platform provides the dynamism of 3D products to a young consumer base that’s heavily influenced by gaming and technology. Teamed with a genuine and captivating brand story, one that embraces sustainability from all the internal improvements you’ll make through the platform, you’ll not only have captured a market but the spirit of a new and mindful era.

So, why Brikl?

  1. We’re a full end-to-end eCommerce platform.
  2. We support fundraising.
  3. Add a new dimension to your products with our next-gen 3D configurator.
  4. Be more sustainable with print-ready production files.
  5. Save hundreds of hours with our 3D visualization studio for design approval.
  6. Connect the Brikl platform to your application using an API or webhook.
  7. Host team stores on your domain.
  8. Host team stores on a subdomain.
  9. We offer fully customizable team stores.
3D products and team stores

If all of the above hasn’t convinced you to have a quick chat with one of our super-friendly Brikl experts, you’re clearly very hard to please, and we respect that. 

Never ones to back down from a challenge, we have a few more reasons for you to invest in Brikl technology above others in the market. Here are some more of our competitive advantages:

We’re a full end-to-end eCommerce platform.

Forget integrations and apps. Our full suite of e-commerce tools ensures that you have and can provide: 

  • Effortless setup
  • Leading-edge design and collaboration tools
  • An exceptional customer experience
  • Conversion-boosting analytics 
  • Market-leading 3D customization – see it in action here
  • Personalization tools
  • Incredible 3d visualization

Use these tools to future-proof your company while putting a rocket under your business today.

We support fundraising

Being charitable does a world of good for your cause but also your business – it’s a win-win! According to a Cone study, 85%of consumers have a more positive image of a product or company when it supports a charity they care about. 

Brikl’s fundraising options allow your customers to make donations with their purchases effortlessly. Contact our Brikl experts to find out more about this competitive feature.

Add a new dimension to your products with our next-gen 3D configurator.

If you’ve ever popped on a pair of 3D glasses in the cinema, you know how it feels to see the world in front of you go from flat to extraordinary in one fluid motion. That’s the same sense of wonder Brikl’s 3D configurator provides customers.

“3D scanning increases the value created for consumers,” McKinsey writes in an article. “Leaders should work hand-in-hand with functional managers to craft a business model using these technologies to serve individual needs cost-effectively.

A 3D configurator enables your customers to envision their final product better and have a hand in its creation – an act that increases a sense of ownership that can increase conversion. Our 3D configuration tool has been designed for effortless use, so customers can drag and drop their designs and prints straight into the tool and see it overlaid on 3D product models. This provides an impressive, leading-edge customer experience they’ll keep coming back for.

Be more sustainable with print-ready production files.

Forget print after print when it comes to the production process. Brikl’s platform allows customers to customize a product, add the product to their cart, and complete checkout effortlessly. Once ordered, the designs can be converted into print-ready files for production. Our print-on-demand allows you to step away from mass production (see our article on the devastating effects of mass production and fast fashion on the environment here). And it also means that you can save time, cost, and effort internally while reducing your carbon footprint.

Save hundreds of hours with our 3D visualization studio for design approval.

Designers often have extensive and manual amendment processes. Often these design tweaks are requested over the phone or email and can lead to human errors being made, especially as the amendments pile up. 

Brikl’s 3D visualization software has shown to reduce human error by up to 70%, as:

  • A live link can be sent to a client, allowing them to see and sign-off design edits
  • Clients can collaborate with the designer through the software, ensuring all designs meet requirements before the file is sent for production.
  • This streamlined process virtually eliminates human error, vastly reduces the number of print files being generated in the design process, and significantly reduces returns and wastage created during the production process.

Not only are the sustainability benefits of our 3D visualization studio huge, but you’ll have happier and more efficient designers, more satisfied clients and customers, and a far bigger ROI.

3D products and team stores

Connect the Brikl platform to your application using an API or webhook.

If you’ve never heard of an API before or are unclear about what it means, imagine you’re sat in a cocktail bar. This bar represents the “system.” You know what you want, but there are no bartenders to flag down to relay your order to the bar. 

Oh, no.

This is what it’d be like in a world devoid of APIs. Eternal thirst.

Think of an API as your virtual bartender. It’s a messenger that delivers your request to the bar, or system, then delivers the response back to you. In this case, a perfectly mixed drink, but in computing reality, it’d be whatever option you’re selecting through your device. 

Whether you’re checking the weather, using a messenger, or updating your social media, APIs run in the background to ensure that your requests are served as expected.

Webhooks are a bit like an API lite, delivering data to other applications in real-time. This is unlike typical APIs where you need to poll for data continuously. In this way, webhooks are more efficient, but the initial setup is more complicated.

We can help with both. Talk to one of our Brikl experts to find out which one of these options is the right one for your business.

Host team stores on your domain.

A domain host is like a virtual street address where your visitors can find your store, such as www.yourdomain.com. This digital footfall of visitors is valuable, which is why setting up team stores should be carried out as if they were departments in your main store, instead of entirely separate shops scattered around the area. 

This is what Brikl provides, an easy customer experience that allows your traffic to be effortlessly directed to the right places, or team shops, within your main store, as opposed to splitting your web traffic out across multiple domains.

Host team stores on a subdomain.

When working with a client or customer, you might want to capture some of their traffic and direct shoppers to your team store without splitting their web traffic. That’s why Brikl offers team store capabilities on a subdomain, driving footfall to your store without impacting customer experience.

We offer fully customizable team stores.

Why should it just be your customers who get all the customization fun? Brikl’s stores are made for customization of every kind: add branding, backgrounds, colors, images, your product collections and so much more effortlessly. Find out how much customization we have to offer by speaking to one of our Brikl experts now.

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