Wyn Republic Brand Spotlight

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Wyn Republic Brand Spotlight

It doesn’t take a retired professional triathlete and 9-time Ironman Champion such as Luke McKenzie to know what athletic gear should look and feel like, but it definitely helps!

Wyn Republic combines technical product innovation and style with design simplicity to maximize aerodynamics and comfort. In this way, each piece is proof that the best athletic garments aren’t powered by complexity but by the athlete inside of them.

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Tried, Tested, and Loved

Created by athletes for athletes, Wyn Republic’s continual struggle to find modern apparel that commanded attention without screaming for it became its company mission. Additionally, having stressed tested products since the 1990s, Luke’s meticulous attention to detail drives the company to be uncompromising in the athlete’s objectives: to succeed, whatever that success looks like for them.

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That’s why performance fabrics have been combined with fine textiles to combine the comfort and breathability needed to perform with the standout style necessary for the perfect photo finish.

The brand’s stunning minimalism and on-trend prints have been combined with Brikl’s MicroStore customization features to add a new dimension to key pieces in its collection.

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“We’re so happy to have Wyn Republic on our platform!” Jason Reindhardt, Brikl’s CCO, comments. “Having spent time as a professional athlete, Wyn Republic’s brand mission really resonates with me. Their emphasis on quality, innovation, and performance are also Brikl values, which is why I consider both companies so perfectly matched. I’m already so impressed with what they’ve done with the platform that the excitement to see more is real.”

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