How to build a MicroStore and scale in 2023

Building a microstore
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How to build a MicroStore and scale in 2023

We know what it’s like to have a great product you want the whole world to know about! And from speaking to our merchants, we see the need for speed: selling your product fast allows you to get back to running your business.

The last thing you want to do is spend hours setting up a company store, team store, pop-up shop or microsite. As a business owner, you know better than most how time equals money so let’s get going!

With Brikl, you can set up a MicroStore and start selling effortlessly. It’s breathing-simple. 


This blog will help you learn: 


  1. What a MicroStore is: A MicroStore is Brikl technology that lets you speed up the process of setting up online stores: from company stores to team stores and redemption stores. 
  2.  Steps to building a MicroStore online – it only takes 5. 
  3. The benefits of MicroStores – It’s all about increasing sales, customer experience, and employee happiness. 


What is a MicroStore?


A MicroStore is Brikl’s very own next-generation technology that expedites the process of creating a site through which you can sell your products online. Whether you want to sell work gear, sports gear, or custom products, MicroStores offer highly specialized functionality. Our technology considers custom and promotional businesses and suppliers’ unique needs.

Custom, promotional businesses and suppliers don’t have the same challenges as other online businesses. Your industry operates amidst a web of complex relationships involving your production being passed from vendor to vendor, then eventually, to the user. This is why a lack of transparency and the consequent impact on inventory and order management is a recurring nightmare for businesses in this space.

For custom and promotional businesses specifically, the additional headache of artwork and file management can cause business owners and employees to work long hours on tedious but critical tasks.


With online customer experiences more important than ever, MicroStores offer automation tools (such as an online designer) that free you, your business, and your team from the manual. All the functionality you need to create and grow your business, increase cart value, and generate revenue are at your fingertips, from inventory, order management, design, and collaboration features to localization and fundraising.

Steps to building a MicroStore online

  1. Have your products ready: Have your design files ready to upload to your MicroStore.
  2. Get in touch with one of our Brikl experts: They’ll listen to your challenges and show you how to solve them, in real-time, through the Brikl platform.
  3. Work with your account manager: They’ll guide you through the onboarding process and set you up for success.
  4. Know what integrations you need: Brikl offers integrations such as ShipStation and TaxJar to make running your Brikl store even more effortless. Need more? Let us know.
  5. Decide if you want 3D designs of your products: Sick of shooting product photos? Work with your account manager and our digitization team to create 3D models from your 2D design files.

The benefits of building a MicroStore online for your business

Time savings and ease of setup aside, MicroStores offer a range of benefits to your customers, such as:

The ability to integrate stores with your supply lines for enhanced transparency and streamlined operations. Collate and track all your orders effortlessly.

Brikl's MicroStore technology

As mentioned earlier, custom and promotional businesses often struggle to align with supplier activity. With our live inventory feature, you can benefit from supplier integration that allows you to pull product data, including images, variants, product descriptions, and inventory. This will enable you to keep a hold of your hair while significantly boosting the customer experience you’re able to provide. Customers will now only be able to purchase items that are in stock.

Our fundraising can help you increase cart value and customer loyalty.

Brikl's MicroStore Technology

Sharing is caring. In fact, 85% of consumers have a more positive image of a product or company when it supports a charity they care about. In an age where consumer attention is divided online, this loyalty and increased retention can prove invaluable to your business. Keep them coming back by showing them your softer side.

Brikl offers a unique multiple local currencies feature.

Brikl's MicroStore technology

You’ll know this one firsthand: value for money is everything to consumers or clients. Most e-commerce platforms use an exchange rate to automate calculating local prices. But using a fixed comparative price doesn’t always allow you to offer your customers the value for money they’re looking for. In an online marketplace bustling with eager brands, be the one that makes your customer walk away with a purchase and a smile. 


MicroStores allows you to set multiple local currencies: offer Euros and GBP (for example) by entering the calculations directly. This means Brikl’s multiple local currency calculations no longer use an exchange rate. Price your products more competitively or increase prices to match your demographic’s budget.

For total flexibility your customers appreciate at checkout, Brikl offers purchase order payments.

Brikl's MicroStore Technology
A common question to our merchants was, “Can I buy now and pay later?” In these cases, purchase orders, enabled through our secure Stripe integration, are an effective and Brikl-supported solution. (A purchase order is a contractual agreement between a buyer and yourself indicating the number of items they’ve ordered and the agreed pricing that will be honored). Many online selling platforms don’t offer this flexibility; Brikl’s integration of purchase order payments has increased cart value by up to 10% for 65% of our surveyed merchants.
For even more benefits on Brikl’s MicroStore technology, check out our blog ‘10 things you might not know your team store (MicroStore) can do‘.
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Wrapping Up

To wrap things up, any custom, promotional business, or supplier looking to set up team stores, online stores, company stores, merch stores, or microsites will love the tailored tools a MicroStore offers.
Other stores offer a broad and generic suite of functions that can help you slowly set up and sell and customize your online business sales through trial and error. MicroStore technology has been designed around the needs of merchants already operating on the platform, fast-tracking your chances of success.

Rapid and easy store setup, order and inventory management, design and collaboration tools, and so much more help safeguard the happiness of your customers and your business as a result.


What is a MicroStore store? Imagine your main site as the trunk of a tree. MicroStores are online stores that branch out from it, acting as sub-sites that allow you to drive brand awareness and conversion in a more targeted way. Which eCommerce store is the best? Do MicroStores stores make money? What are the benefits of a MicroStore? Is Brikl free to use? 


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