Elevating Sales with On-Demand Company Stores: A Strategic Blueprint for Modern Retail

Elevating Sales with On-Demand Company Stores
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Elevating Sales with On-Demand Company Stores: A Strategic Blueprint for Modern Retail

In the retail landscape, the tides are turning towards a more dynamic, responsive, and personalized shopping experience. Our recent webinar, “Elevating Sales: Company Stores, On-Demand,” led by sales maven Jason Reinhardt, Brikl’s CCO, and tech guru Christopher Alfano, Vantage Apparel’s CDO unveils the power of on-demand company stores in revolutionizing sales strategies.

Here’s the highlight reel! (And you can catch the whole webinar here). 

The Single-Piece Fulfillment Revolution

The shift to on-demand production is not a trend; it’s a full-scale revolution with single-piece fulfillment at its heart. “The future is about fulfilling individual needs as efficiently as large orders,” explains Jason. This philosophy underpins the entire operational model of on-demand company stores. Chris illustrates this with their seamless integration with Brikl, ensuring that single-piece orders maintain the high quality expected of larger batches.

Martec's Law in Retail: The Need for Speedy Adaptation

As the retail sector grapples with Martec’s Law — the principle that technology changes at a breakneck pace while organizations adapt much slower — Jason and Chris discuss the urgency for businesses to bridge this gap. “To stay ahead, adopting new technology is not just necessary, it’s imperative,” Jason emphasizes. Chris reinforces the importance of agility, highlighting how Vantage Apparel keeps pace with technological growth to support its partners like Brikl.

Leveraging Integrations for Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Elevating Sales with On-Demand Company Stores

A core topic of the webinar revolves around the operational efficiencies driven by technological integrations. “Integrations between company store platforms and suppliers like Vantage Apparel aren’t a luxury; they’re a necessity for modern retail,” Jason states. This interconnectedness streamlines processes, enhances customer experiences, and significantly reduces the margin for error, which Chris corroborates with insights into Vantage’s integration capabilities.

Embracing the Digital Shift

Navigating the digital transformation can be daunting, but the webinar sheds light on the path forward. “It’s about guiding businesses to clarity and confidence in on-demand production,” Chris says, offering a beacon for those hesitant about the digital shift. Jason concludes with a compelling call to action, encouraging businesses to embrace the inevitable shift towards on-demand company stores to ensure they are not just surviving but thriving in the digital era.

Integrations: The Game Changer for Efficiency

"Integrations are not just a technological function; they are the backbone of operational efficiency" Jason asserts.

The seamless connection between company store platforms like Brikl and suppliers like Vantage Apparel marks a significant leap in how businesses manage their operations. 

"The key to streamlining isn’t just in adopting new technology, but in harnessing it to create a cohesive, error-free system,"

Jason explains. With integrations, the once-manual tasks of order entry, inventory management, and customer reporting are automated, reducing the scope for human error and freeing up valuable resources.

Chris from Vantage Apparel concurs, pointing out that

"in a world where time is currency, integrations are a smart investment."

He elaborates on the direct correlation between integrated systems and reduced overheads, noting that the right integration can save upwards of $12 to $15 per order.

Customer Experience at the Forefront

Jason also highlights the importance of customer experience in adopting on-demand production. “The end goal of any integration should be to enhance the user experience,” he says. For instance, real-time updates and tracking information, which were once a luxury, are now expected by customers as standard practice. Integrations enable this level of service, providing customers with visibility and assurance from the moment they place an order to when it’s delivered.

Simplifying the Complex

Understanding the nuances of on-demand production and the associated integrations can be challenging. This is where expert insights from leaders like Chris become invaluable. “It’s about guiding customers through the complexity, helping them understand the choices available, and providing a path to adoption that aligns with their business goals,” Chris reflects.

The discussion also touches on the flexibility offered by integrated platforms, enabling businesses to start with bulk orders and transition to on-demand offerings as they grow. “It’s a scalable approach that accommodates business evolution,” Jason adds.

Embracing the Shift

Elevating Sales with On-Demand Company Stores

The webinar sheds light on the industry’s current mantra of expansion and innovation. However, as Jason poignantly notes, 

"The biggest hurdle often isn't about adopting technology; it's the inertia of businesses accustomed to the status quo." 

He stresses that the shift to on-demand and integrated systems is inevitable for growth.


In closing, the dialogue between Jason and Chris paints a clear picture: integrations and on-demand production are not just elements of a successful company store strategy; they are the cornerstones of future-proofing your business in the digital age.

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