Hard Goods vs. Soft Goods in On-Demand Company Stores: The Power of an Integrated Product Offering through Brikl

Hard Goods vs. Soft Goods in On-Demand Company Stores
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Hard Goods vs. Soft Goods in On-Demand Company Stores: The Power of an Integrated Product Offering through Brikl

In the world of on-demand company stores, the future is undoubtedly integrated. As consumer preferences evolve and the lines between different product categories continue to blur, the ability to offer a diverse range of products under one digital roof – or an online store – can ensure you’re catering to the changing needs of the market. 

Take this insight from Vantage Apparel as an example. In 2020, the volume of integrated in-store business was about 20% of Vantage’s overall business. Fast forward three years, and an average of 50% to 60% of their monthly volume comes from some form of integrated offering.

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Promotional products are a dynamic arena, which is why the distinction between hard goods and soft goods isn’t just academic—it’s a crucial strategic consideration. For businesses in the promotional products industry, understanding and integrating these two product categories can be a defining factor for driving sales. 

And that’s where Brikl, with its innovative MicroStores, becomes a pivotal player.

Understanding Hard and Soft Goods in Promotional Context

Hard goods are your tangible, often long-lasting items. Think branded pens, USB drives, or custom water bottles. In promotional terms, these items offer durability and a consistent brand reminder.

Soft goods, on the other hand, include items like custom apparel, tote bags, and other textiles. In the promotional world, these goods excel in providing comfort and style while also serving as effective brand ambassadors.

The Business Case for an Integrated Offering

Hard Goods vs. Soft Goods in On-Demand Company Stores

For businesses in the promotional products industry, an integrated approach can be a significant advantage:

  1. Comprehensive Solutions for Clients: By offering hard and soft goods, your store becomes a one-stop shop for clients’ promotional needs, enhancing customer satisfaction and retention as they won’t need to search multiple suppliers for their products.


  1. Maximizing Cross-Selling Opportunities: An integrated inventory allows for creative bundling of products, like pairing a custom t-shirt (soft good) with a branded cap (hard good).


  1. Strengthening Brand Presence: Offering a diverse product range can enhance your brand’s visibility and reputation in the market.

Brikl: Your Integrated Ally

Brikl’s MicroStores are the perfect tool for seamlessly integrating hard and soft goods into your company stores. Whether you’re focusing on hard goods, soft goods, or a blend, Brikl’s platform supports tailor-made storefronts that resonate with your brand and your client’s needs.

Embellishment tools make adding logos and artwork easy, ensuring that each product, whether a hard good like a custom mug or a soft good like a branded hoodie, is visually merchandised in the most appealing way. Brikl’s bundles and collections also ensure that a mixed offering is easily shoppable, that special capabilities like fundraising and discounts can also be applied, and that personalization is also available. 

Brikl’s real-time inventory management system also makes catalog and inventory management, one of the main pitfalls of a company store, effortless. Stock and product levels are dynamically pulled in through supplier integrations, which allows you access to over 400 top suppliers. What’s more, a comprehensive app ecosystem and custom integrations ensure synchronicity between your ERPs, accounting, and procurement software, so we’re always on the same page. 

Brikl’s focus on user experience ensures that your clients enjoy smooth navigation and easy order processes, boosting their likelihood of return purchases. And that your employees don’t lose sleep every night dreading the fateful process of logging into yet another platform in the morning!

The Wrap Up: Embrace the Integration with Brikl

To sum up, for promotional product businesses, the integration of hard and soft goods is not just beneficial—it’s essential for growth and customer satisfaction. And with Brikl’s MicroStores, this integration becomes not just feasible but effortlessly efficient.

So, gear up to offer that perfect mix of practicality and comfort, durability and style. With Brikl, you’re well-equipped to meet the ever-changing demands of the promotional products industry, ensuring your business isn’t just running but sprinting ahead in the race.

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