How to Promote Your Brand with a Company Apparel Store for Employees (With Examples)

How to Promote Your Brand with a Company Apparel Store for Employees
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How to Promote Your Brand with a Company Apparel Store for Employees (With Examples)

“There’s something transformative about wearing a branded tee when on a client call,” Joe Edmunds, Brikl’s Director of Business Development, commented yesterday on a group call. “You’re more aware that you’re representing your company than when you’re wearing a regular tee. There’s a psychological alliance there that makes you hold yourself in an entirely different way”

That’s the subtle power of company apparel. Your employees become walking, talking billboards of your brand while attesting to how company apparel is more than a logo on a t-shirt. It’s a statement, a morale booster, a brand identity enforcer. 

But, man, managing a company apparel store can be a pain! This is where Brikl’s MicroStores revolutionize the game, offering an unmatched experience in the promotional products industry.

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The Power of Company Apparel in Revenue Generation

Before we dive into the nitty gritty, let’s talk about benefits. Nike’s employee store alone generates over $10 million in sales yearly. Google? Over $5 million. Apple and Salesforce follow suit with impressive figures of their own. These aren’t just numbers; they’re testaments to the power of company apparel stores in driving revenue and brand engagement. Beyond sales, these stores save significant costs; for example, Nike saves over $1 million annually. 

Examples of brands with highly converting company stores

Google Merchandise Store
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Nike Employee Store
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Apple Store for Business
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Cisco Employee Store
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Salesforce Store
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Under Armour Employee Store
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Microsoft Store for Business
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Adobe Employee Store
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Verizon Employee Store
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Employee Engagement and Brand Loyalty Through Apparel

And as we mentioned earlier, it’s not just about sales. A Metron Branding study reveals that 85% of employees with access to a company store are satisfied with the apparel selection, and 75% feel prouder wearing. The potential is immense, with an average employee spending $200 yearly on company apparel. Brikl MicroStores capitalize on this by offering companies wanting to set company apparel stores up for their employees over 400 top suppliers to choose from. Opt for stylish, comfortable, eco-conscious, and affordable options that meet the desires of 70% of employees who value style and the 60% who prioritize comfort.

So, with all these benefits and sales on the table, what’s the hold-up? 

Obstacles in Setting Up Online Company Apparel Stores

One of the major hurdles in setting up online company apparel stores is the perceived complexity and resource allocation it requires. Business owners often grapple with logistical challenges, from sourcing quality apparel to managing inventory and distribution. The daunting task is also to integrate these stores with existing IT infrastructure and ensure they are user-friendly and secure. Many businesses are concerned about these platforms’ upfront costs and ongoing maintenance.

Additionally, selecting products that resonate with employees and align with the brand identity can be a meticulous and time-consuming process. These obstacles can deter companies from taking advantage of the immense benefits of having their own apparel store, leading them to miss out on a significant opportunity to boost employee morale, enhance brand visibility, and generate additional revenue.

That’s where Brikl’s MicroStores aren’t just another online platform; they’re a revolution in company apparel distribution. These customizable, user-friendly stores cater to any business size, ensuring a seamless shopping experience. 

How to Promote Your Brand with a Company Apparel Store for Employees

As mentioned earlier, products can be pulled into your stores from 400+ top suppliers as products to sell via supplier integrations. This also makes inventory management effortless, as stock data and all associated information are pulled in along with the product. User roles and permissions can be given to people across your organization worldwide, streamlining the process of managing your store. Reporting and analytics allow you to see which products are going down well and where. These are great tools if you’re a franchise owner planning to open company apparel stores in multiple locations. 

💡Tip: The unique on-demand process of Brikl’s MicroStores also means that you can design, embellish, and fulfill all from one platform, making logistical challenges a thing of the past. Talk to us to find out more!

Brikl's MicroStores: Elevating Company Apparel Distribution - The Wrap-Up

Brikl’s On-Demand MicroStores couldn’t have been launched at a better time! They address the global promotional products market, which is expected to reach $121.5 billion by 2028, positioning your brand at the forefront of this growth.

As we’ve covered in this blog, the strategic impact of a well-managed company apparel store is tantamount: a company apparel store is a strategic asset. It’s about boosting brand awareness, saving money, and increasing sales. With Brikl’s MicroStores, managing this becomes a breeze, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations while reaping the benefits of an effective apparel strategy.

A company apparel store for employees is a strategic, multifaceted asset that uplifts your brand, engages your team, and impacts your bottom line. And with Brikl’s innovative approach, setting up your store is simpler and more effective than ever!

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