Mitigating Delivery Strikes’ Impact in the Promotional Products Industry with Brikl

Mitigating Delivery Strikes' Impact in the Promotional Products Industry
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Mitigating Delivery Strikes’ Impact in the Promotional Products Industry with Brikl

Everywhere you look, there seems the threat of a strike nowadays. The recent spate of labor negotiations, including potential strikes among major logistics companies, has sent ripples across various industries. The promotional products industry, where timely delivery is crucial to customer satisfaction, is feeling the brunt of recent events.

However, all is not lost. Here’s some advice on how robust technologies like Brikl can help businesses in the promotional products sector navigate these turbulent times, now and in the future.

Diversify Your Partners

Mitigating Delivery Strikes' Impact

Why It Works: By not relying on a single shipping partner, you can quickly pivot if one faces delays.


How to Implement: Establish relationships with multiple shipping and courier services, both local and international, and integrate them into your chosen platform to switch if a disruption occurs.

💡How Brikl offers a competitive advantage: Our app ecosystem plugs into major shipping and logistics providers, so you don’t have to worry about the long game; we’ve already built the network you need to put your best foot forward.

Integration with Advanced Logistics Platforms

Why It Works: Integrating with cutting-edge technologies gives you greater transparency on how disruptions will impact your lead and fulfillment times.


How to Implement: Choose a digital commerce platform that offers integrations with various shipping and logistics services. Utilize real-time tracking to monitor progress and make immediate adjustments if delays occur.

💡How Brikl offers a competitive advantage: Integrations can take months. Brikl’s app ecosystem provides access to a wide range of apps that can be easily connected. Once available, no further API development or integration work is required by either Brikl or you. Time to connect can typically be measured in hours or days as opposed to weeks or months.

On-Demand Manufacturing and Local Production

Why It Works: Producing promotional products closer to the delivery destination can minimize shipping delays.


How to Implement: Identify key markets and explore local manufacturing options. Consider on-demand production to minimize inventory costs and allow flexibility in meeting customer demands.

💡How Brikl offers a competitive advantage: Our on-demand production capabilities—coming soon—offer you total flexibility and logistical freedom in comparison to modern supply chains. Talk to us to find out more.

Implementing Robust Inventory Management

Mitigating Delivery Strikes' Impact

Why It Works: Efficient inventory management can reduce delays in order fulfillment.


How to Implement: Utilize ERP solutions that integrate with the entire supply chain to keep accurate, real-time inventory levels. Optimize stock levels to meet demand without overstocking.

💡How Brikl offers a competitive advantage: Our supplier integrations pull in 400+ leading US suppliers, so you can optimize your stock levels with ease. See all product metadata, including stock levels, and pull them into your Brikl online store as products to sell.

Offering Alternative Delivery Options

Why It Works: Providing alternative options like curbside pickups or localized delivery partners can bypass traditional shipping delays.


How to Implement: Set up partnerships with local delivery services or establish pickup locations in key areas.

💡How Brikl offers a competitive advantage: In addition to our shipping integrations, you can set shipping zones, which can be associated with specific shipping rates or defined according to the order value. E.g., 2-3 day working day delivery times, carbon-neutral transport, global shipping, free pickup, or pickup from a consolidation point.

Transparent Communication with Customers

Why It Works: Transparency fosters trust and allows customers to make informed decisions.


How to Implement: Implement real-time tracking for customers and provide regular updates on delivery status. Have a clear communication plan if delays occur.

💡How Brikl offers a competitive advantage: Our integration with Aturian—coming soon—will allow real-time tracking for total visibility that both your employees and customers will appreciate. Drive down support tickets and increase customer satisfaction instead.

Utilize Data Analytics for Predictive Planning

Why It Works: Predictive analytics can forecast potential delays and allow proactive planning.


How to Implement: Integrate data analytics tools to analyze shipping performance, seasonal trends, and other factors that could cause delays. Utilize this information for better planning and risk management.

💡How Brikl offers a competitive advantage: Our integration with leading ERPs doesn’t just give you granular insights into order fulfillment; it gives you the predictive analytics you need to mitigate future delays. Knowledge is power—use data to build trust with your customers.

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The Wrap-up

Delivery strikes can be a cause for concern in the promotional products industry, where timely delivery is crucial. However, with Brikl’s integrations with major shipping and logistics platforms and ERP solutions, businesses can build resilience against potential disruptions.


From dynamic shipping options to seamless order processing and engaging design experiences, Brikl provides the tools needed to navigate through the complex landscape of strikes and labor negotiations.


Shipping uncertainties could be here to stay. Learn how Brikl can help your business adapt during unpredictable times.


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