New Feature: Brikl’s Developer Portal

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New Feature: Brikl’s Developer Portal

Brikl isn’t just a platform. It’s a partnership. And to keep pushing the limits of what we can achieve together, we’re excited to announce the launch of our developer portal!

Brikl’s Developer Portal is an extension of our mission and values to empower our merchants. Our continuous spirit of collaboration means that we want our technology to be as transparent and intuitive as possible, and importantly, we want to inspire conversation.

A developer portal gives developers and tech-savvy people access to resources, commonly API documentation, allowing them to customize their experience and understand how the backend works. 

What is a developer portal? 

What is a Aeveloper Portal? 

Developer portals are how developers understand, interact, adapt, monitor, and govern new technologies. Whether a developer is building a new application or attempting to integrate an existing one, they can leverage APIs to add capabilities without having to create them from scratch by using existing data. This also benefits the creator of the original API, as every customization and adaptation of the code opens up new avenues of potential. 

What are The Benefits of a Developer Portal?

Our Admin API lets you integrate your Brikl store with business-critical applications: CRM, ERP, and back-office applications, so that your business can stay ahead of the market. 


And by using Brikl’s GraphQL API, you can build integrations that enrich your reporting while feeding data from Brikl to your system, allowing your company to take an insight-driven approach to your next step.

If like many of our merchants this process conventionally takes you hours over days, you need to stop reading this article right now and click this link so we can free you from a life of drudgery. Do it. Do it now. Or keep reading; we have a few more things to say… 

Taking a closer Look

Admin API

The Admin API is a GraphQL API that allows you to retrieve and modify data from your Brikl store. 

It offers an easy way to access your shop data and build the integrations you need.

To start using the Admin API, please visit Brikl’s Developer Portal. There you will find the getting started guide and the complete API reference.


With webhooks, apps can communicate with each other every time an event takes place in one of them. 


For example, a webhook can notify your accounting app when a customer places a new order in your Brikl store. This notification contains a JSON payload in the body that holds relevant data about the newly placed order.


Are you comfortable using your ERP or CRM and would like to continue using it? No problem. Brikl can send all the data you need to sync your apps with your store.

Brikl can also receive data from an external application and update your store with data from an external source.

Common webhook examples include the following:

  • Notify accounting systems about new orders or updates in existing orders.
  • Update order payment status in accounting systems.
  • Update shipping status in shipping management systems.
  • Notify external systems and stakeholders about the closing of a MicroStore.

Brikl offers a range of webhooks to allow integration between apps. To get a list of the available webhooks, please visit Brikl’s Developer Portal.

Native Integrations

Native integrations allow you to integrate with some of your favorite apps quickly.


Brikl’s ShipStation integration offers a seamless customer journey from order to fulfillment.

ShipStation helps you quickly generate shipping labels for all of your online orders. With ShipStation, you can print a label or batch orders for rapid multi-label creation.


How to configure:


Brikl’s TaxJar integration allows you to benefit from precise, location-specific sales tax rates and calculations. This takes care of special taxing district levels in real-time.

How to configure:

Coming soon… 

A fully brandable experience that looks, feels, and acts as an extension of Brikl.

Test shop access will be available upon request.

Supporting more webhook events and exposing more APIs.

Have you got any feedback or suggestions on how we can make our developer portal extra useful or engaging? Let us know in the comments below!


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