Revolutionizing Promotional Products: Brikl’s Supplier Integrations Unleash a World of Possibilities

Brikl's supplier integrations
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Revolutionizing Promotional Products: Brikl’s Supplier Integrations Unleash a World of Possibilities

Psst…have you heard? We’ve leveled up our online store technology with an unparalleled enhancement: supplier integrations. Get ready for a game-changing development that will redefine the way you source and sell promotional products.

Your customers’ expectations have changed in the last few years; just think of yourself as Spiderman on a mechanical bull! They want exponential levels of product quality, convenience, value for money, and personalization, which means you need to have the agility to cater to their demands. That’s where Spiderman’s favorite sidekick comes in – Brikl. *(Disclaimer: you may not find us mentioned in any of the comics, but we have it on good authority that we were definitely his favorite). 

Not only do we give you the features you need to set up online stores effortlessly, but our supplier integrations also allow you to pull all product images, pricing, and details into your Brikl MicroStore as products ready to personalize and sell.

Now, let’s talk about the traditional procurement means in the industry. It’s a grueling process that involves approaching suppliers one by one or using costly tools to source products. But with Brikl’s supplier integrations, you can vault that obstacle. This is combined with cutting-edge inventory and pricing enhancements along with advanced search functionality that allows you to search like you would on Google—not like you’re training for the CIA. Put your product code bible down, kid. This doesn’t need to be your life anymore. You have options now.

Key benefits of Brikl’s supplier integrations

  • Less time spent setting up stores
  • Less time spent searching for the best products for customer needs
  • Less time spent on manual updates and inventory management
  • Reduced risk of human error
  • Less time spent fixing mistakes and on customer communication
Brikl's supplier integrations

Our very own Dan Vermont, the Global VP of Sales and Operations at Brikl, couldn’t contain his excitement about this revolutionary development. “We are thrilled to offer our customers this exciting and unparalleled advantage with our expanded supplier network!” He said. “We have removed a prominent industry obstacle: accessing premium suppliers, visibility on inventory and pricing, and sourcing the best products easily and efficiently. With our supplier integrations, our clients gain a powerful competitive advantage, along with the ability to pull all product data seamlessly into their Brikl MicroStores. We’re saving the industry countless hours while driving sales – it’s a win-win.”

If you are not on board the Brikl train, then hop on! We’re going places. Brikl’s supplier integrations will unlock a world of possibilities, making your dreams of sourcing the best products and building stores in record time a reality. 

And we’ve got more where that good news came from. 


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