Stepping Up for Morocco: Brikl’s Fundraising Campaign

Stepping Up for Morocco: Brikl's Fundraising Campaign
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Stepping Up for Morocco: Brikl’s Fundraising Campaign

On September 8th, 2023, Morocco experienced a magnitude 6.8 earthquake, wreaking havoc and turning lives upside down. This isn’t just a blip in the news; it’s a real-life disaster that’s left thousands dead and many more injured.

The earthquake hit the High Atlas Mountains, not too far from Marrakesh—a city you might’ve visited for its amazing food and rich history. The area is reeling. Houses collapsed, buildings are on the brink, and the epicenter, though not densely populated, is a war zone of destruction.

The aftershock

The numbers don’t lie. Just days after the quake, the death toll had already reached over 820, and by the 14th of September, nearly 3,000 people were confirmed dead, with more than 5,600 injured. This isn’t a small-scale event; it’s a full-blown humanitarian crisis.

The local authorities are doing what they can, along with international organizations like the UN. But here’s the thing: even with all hands on deck, there are still families buried under rubble, still aftershocks sending shivers down people’s spines, and still basic needs like water, shelter, and food in scarce supply.

Why we care

For our Moroccon teammate Meryem, the news of this disaster was uncomfortably close to home.

“When I heard about the earthquake, I immediately called my sister; both of us were scared. A friend near the epicenter sent me a photo, saying he was now homeless like many in Marrakech and Agadir. The next day, the devastating toll became clear. A week later, friends are still haunted and can’t sleep,” Meryem comments.

Stepping Up for Morocco: Brikl's Fundraising Campaign

Not content with sitting around, we launched a “Step Up for Morocco” campaign to lend a helping hand.


We’re not just a company that caters to decision-makers in the promotional products industry. We’re a company with a conscience. And right now, our mission is to do our part to alleviate the suffering in Morocco.

Whether you’re an individual who wants to donate or a business looking to contribute in a different way, there’s a place for you in our campaign. 


Together, let’s make a difference. Because if we don’t, who will?

How can you help?

The promotional industry is all about showing heart, which is why we’d love it if you could support us:

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Why donate?

Earn good karma points

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100% of proceeds go to the Moroccan relief effort. Let’s step up and create better together. 

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